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Cayuga Trails Marathon Pre-Thoughts

19 Jul

This morning, I went for my last run before Cayuga. The past week or so, my mind has been swirling with thoughts about this race.

  • I should never register for summer races. I hate running in the heat and humidity. I knew that the bulk of my training would be over the summer when I signed up, but for some reason thought I could handle it. I can handle it. But man I hate it. And so I didn’t really handle it. Fall races and late spring races are where it’s at for me…
  • All that being said…My training has been pretty lackluster. I will finish. But I have not done what I should have to do my best. I squeaked out a few nice distance runs (a handful of 15+ and 2 or 3 20s), had a few bigger weeks (3 40+ milers, 5 30+ milers), did some decent speed workouts.  Many on the Genny week was full of lots of time on feet… My watch stopped working at one point, and I never wrote down what I was ran then, so maybe I did some extra long runs/bigger weeks that I’ve already forgotten about.  We had like 2-3 weeks of 90 degrees plus high humidity, and I couldn’t bring myself to run–my lungs were hurting just sitting around. But these are all excuses.  I didn’t train as hard as I had wanted to/I should have, and that means that I did not do my best. That irritates me. I’m trying to be better about expectations I have for myself and others (as in lower the bar so that you won’t be continually disappointed). But old habits die hard. I am a work in progress. Even this bullet point reveals a frustration with myself that I am trying to tame.
  • Cayuga is one of the best courses ever. It’s beautiful, and the crowd of runners is awesome, and the vollies are all wonderful. Saturday is going to be fun no matter what because of these things.  Who cares about how fast you go when you get to see favorite things and people and camp?
  • When I ran the 50 miler here a couple of years ago, I was trained much better, but I ran the first 25 miles in 5:3X:00…so ideally that’s what I’d be able to do on Saturday.  But I have no idea if that’s possible.  I know I will push hard to make it happen…
  • Picasso is out of shape. Like after 2 miles we had to stop for a drink break. Then again at 2.5 and again at 3 for a swim. Dude may be playing me a little bit, but I gotta get him back into shape.


    A scenic spot to stop for a swim…

  • Every day I wake up and look around me and am in awe that we live where we do.  We came home from our run today and Picasso immediately jumped into the pond to cool down.  He was tired, though, so he came and laid down next to me on the dock, where we both catnapped in the sun.


As I laid there, a movement caught my eye, and I looked up just in time to see…Minkus!!! I’ve named the little mink that lives nearby Minkus (like the kid from Boy Meets World). He’s adorable. He nervously picked his way across the front of our property while watching both of us. Picasso was too tired to notice or care, but I quietly moved to take some pictures.  This little guy is so cute!!!

image1 (1)image2 (1)image3 (1)


Haha the birds in the upper right hand corner of this pic are fantastic!!