Run ‘Em All/Hike ‘Em All Challenge 2.0

10 Feb

They say sequels are always worse than the original…but clearly “they” have never been on an adventure-version-2.0-type sequel of a running/hiking adventure…because THOSE are always fun, original or version 2.0…
Back in the summer of 2014, Eric and I decided to finally tackle an adventure from our bucket list–running and/or hiking every mile of trail in Letchworth State Park.  As kids and young adults, we’d both spent a lot of time in the park.  We both wanted to see more, together. Getting to experience it all with friends almost 4 years ago was an incredible, exhausting and fulfilling week.


It is astounding to me how many people from the WNY area don’t know about or have never been to Letchworth.  I’m going to pause here and say that this park is incredible–there is really something for everyone here–plenty of amazing spots that you can drive to and avoid getting dirty (for my not-so-outdoorsy peeps!), plenty of really easy hikes (for my friends with small kids), and a ton of challenging trails (for all the crazies I know), too! And the views…oh man the views…one of the best parts about visiting the Grand Canyon of the East is all the great look-out points.  For more info on trails and my take on each of them, you can visit this blog.  Or you can just look at these stunning images Eric has captured!


upper falls…from the opposite side of the gorge that people usually see them!


small waterfalls and creeks are everywhere on the FLT


Dave almost ruined the amazing views! 😛


sun coming up over the foggy gorge


the BEST part of this park!!!


middle falls from the “usual” side


This year, as we discussed summer shenanigans, Eric expressed interest in a second attempt at the Run ‘Em All/Hike ‘Em All  Challenge for a project he wants to work on…and so I hastily booked a campsite for our “home base” and planned out this year’s adventure.


Looking at it, the schedule seems daunting.  But Eric pointed out that we had plenty of time, last go-round, to hang at camp eating and drinking.  We made it work then.  We’ll be fine this time, too.


Sooooo…We’ll be in Letchworth from August 6 thru August 13.  Our plan for the week is below…everything is obviously subject to change (based on weather/how we’re feeling). None of these runs/hikes will be fast…we’ll be stopping for pictures and video and just enjoying some time in nature. But we LOVE company and if anyone wants to explore with us, we’d love to have you.  Book a campsite (they’re already filling up a ton! so do it fast!) and join us for Version 2.0.  I guarantee you it’ll be a ton of fun!!!



Date AM PM
Monday, August 6 Hike Trails 10 and 10a (roughly 6 miles)**Weather dependent we will do this in the AM or else after we check in and set up camp** Check in to camp (site 101) and situate for the week 🙂
Tuesday, August 7 Trail 1–7 miles one-way (depending we can drop car at end or hike back to starting spot for a total of 14 miles)
Start time: 8 AM
Trails 13 to 11 to 14–6.5 miles
Start time: 5 PM
Wednesday, August 8 Trails 4 and 5–4 miles  

Start time: 8 AM
Trails 2, 2A, 3–8 miles

Start time: 10:30

Trails 17 and 15–6 miles
Start time: 6 PM
Thursday, August 9 Trails 7 to 6 to 6A–14 miles
Start time: 9 AM
Friday, August 10 Trails 18, 19, 19a and 20–14.5 miles
Start time: 8 AM
Saturday, August 11 Trails 9 to 8 to 8a back to 8 and 9–9 miles
Start time: 8 AM
Sunday, August 12 Check out of camp
Hike 5.5 miles on the FLT to Lean-To #1
Start time: 10 AM
Lunch at the Lean-To
Hike 8.5 miles to Lean-To #2
Start time: Whenever we finish lunch and feel like it hahaha
Monday, August 13 Hike 8.5 miles to Lean-To #1
Start time: hopefully not as early as last time (thanks, coyotes)
Hike 5.5 miles to cars.  Celebrate the past days of amazing running, hiking, friendship and trail love!


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