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How to Make a Racing Schedule

26 Jan

Mostly this blog will be me blathering about stupidity, mostly for posterity (for myself because no one else wants to hear about this crap now or later). If you are looking for advice for how to make a racing schedule, do not…I repeat DO NOT…read this blog. Or listen to me. It will not help you.  Trust me.  I am the least decisive person on the face of the planet. I have hemmed and hawed over a race schedule, wrote down the pros and cons of various races, tore all that up, rewrote them, talked while I ran, talked while I drank, talked on the radio (oh yeah! Guys! I’m on the radio now!!! Check it out sometime!!!!) And at the end of the day, my decisions came down to which races and which plans make me most excited to get out and run.


SO first the backstory. I had registered for Twisted Branch 100k last year.  I was training and things were going ok, and then we spent a lot of time dealing with massive flooding at our house. Coupled with Many on the Genny, life kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit (let’s be honest…I got a lot of hours and time on feet and lugged a ridiculous number of sandbags around, but it wasn’t “training”).  And then I decided to pile miles on again and got hurt–some kind of shin action that the doctor suspected was a small fracture.  So I was in a boot and my TB-dreams went out the window. I deferred with every intention of racing it this year.  But this year, as I get back into a regular running schedule, I realized I just wasn’t into it. Not that it’s not a great race, not that I won’t ever do it, not that I think I’m not capable of the challenge.  Just that my heart isn’t in it–it’s not something that makes me excited to get up and run, to put in the tough miles of training.  And if that’s how I’m feeling now, then it’s not my time to run this race.


As I grappled with the decision to race or not race Twisted, I’ve been struggling to find my running mojo…and I think I may be getting it back.  There are a billion reasons why it was lost…and excuses are annoying AF. If you really want to do something, you find a way. I didn’t find a way to do it. I spent the summer and fall running less than 20 miles a week. And I didn’t really feel too badly about it either.  Which tells me it was likely time for me to take a time out from bigger miles.


Anyway, I was still kicking around longer ultra plans…if not Twisted, maybe a 50 miler or even a 50k somewhere.  But the reality is that training for an ultra is basically a part time job, and I wasn’t ready to commit to that, namely because my favorite running and adventuring partner in crime is still not at 100%.


Eric had surgery on his other heel. Recovery is going so much better, and he is able to run! Running with him on the indoor track has been amazing–I’ve missed running with him so much. Training for a major ultra like TB or a 50 miler would require hours of training, most of which Eric could not do with me. And I kind of like hanging out with him. 😛


So I’ll say it again, just to make truly sure that I am committed to the decision. I’m putting TB dreams to bed for another year. It’s not a “never” it’s a “not now.”  Which is cool.


That being said…I was still left with major choices of what races to run. And…#firstworldproblems…we have some amazing races in our area, and I suck at decision making. But after a lot of careful thought, discussions with Eric about his race plans, and thinking about which races make me excited, I think I’ve settled on a decent race schedule for the year.


I need to take February and March to build my base back up.  It’s been a miracle for me to hit 20 miles lately, so I’ve got my plan all made to work my way back to consistent 30+ mile weeks.


April, May and June will be full of really intense training. The goal will be to get faster and work hard at running, while also continuing to lift and add in some cycling (once Eric is able to do that again!) We are currently kicking around a relay team for Medved Madness. But really the major focus is going to be running to get faster. June is also MFAMTL…in Durand (my home park)…and hopefully this version I will be healthy and actually remember the miles I put in!


All that hard training will be geared to training for the Cayuga Marathon (25 miler? IDK I should probably find out the distance, huh?).  I love this course.  I love these trails.  They are beautiful, they are challenging, they were where I spent a LOT of training runs thinking about life and figuring shit out when things were their bleakest. I love this race’s vibe. Whether volunteering or racing (I’ve done both), this race is just the best. When I ran CT50, I remember Sean saying, “This is a perfect course for one loop.” So I’m going to test out that theory.  With this amount of time, I should be able to get in some solid training miles and really do well at this race. Cayuga got moved to July, so basically I’ll taper a bit at the beginning of the month and then race and then recover the rest of the month.


August is Lucifer’s Crossing.  We swept it in a massive rain storm one year.  It was beautiful.  Someday I will do this race. Maybe this year.  We are also doing a #TrailsRoc team for the Mighty Mosquito.  I am super pumped to be able to actually race one of our amazing brain children races (I’m sure it will be different than our iteration, but still!)


Sometime in the summer, we’ll do the Saranac 6-ers. Mostly I’m just excited to get back to the ADK and any time I can do some camping is a good time. This summer, I’m going to try to be less of a bum and paddle more (spiders in the kayaks scare me though so if anyone wants to be my spider-killer, let me know), ride my bike more (fatty lyfestyle), and keep lifting.


In the mid-fall, I think I will aim for a speedy 50k.  I’m currently torn between two (shocking, right???) Watergap 50k would be a speedy course, but I’m worried about the flatness of the course (hahaha who the f am I??? Flat is your friend, Shme.) and we’d have to travel. Mendon 50k is in Rochester, but it’s roll-y and the weather is sometimes dicey and while I’m sure I’d PR with proper training, the course is not really “peak PR” material.


Re-reading this, I feel like there is very little actual commitment. But I feel like I have a direction with my running for the first time in a long time, and I am excited to see what I can do with some training to get quicker.


SO to recap:

May: Medved Madness?


July: Cayuga Trails (**Goal race)

August: Mighty Mosquito Relay, Lucifer’s Crossing?

October: Watergap 50k (**Goal race)

November: Mendon? It’s All Downhill From Here?