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8 years < forever

10 Jul

How can 8 years feel like forever (in a good way) but also feel like the blink of an eye?

From eating mashed potatoes in a hotel room after saying “I do” to fancy dinners on cruise ships to trashing the dress in Letchworth.


our weddingour wedding 2

trash the dresstrash the dress 2

From camping and canoe trips to climbing mountains to swimming in creeks and lakes and the ocean. From running 5ks for bagels to running 50ks together.

camping 4

haunted campground

camping 2

apparently we can’t do this anymore…


first 5k!

running 5

maathon relay

running 3

first foray into race directing

From binge watching Netflix shows to going out to the movies (all three times we’ve been), from buying our first house to buying our forever house, from needles and tears and sadness to sandbagging and not-sleeping-because-the-house-is-gonna-flood-again.

housefire departmentimg_9054

From family parties to friend parties to Election Day parties to write-your-congressmen parties to derby day parties to 80s party to party just because we can and should, from friends’ weddings to family weddings to crashed weddings.

weddingwedding 4wedding 3wedding 2thanksgivingpartyparty 280s party

From puppy Picasso to old man Picasso.

picasso puppypicasso puppy 2


that time Picasso got skunked. “hey man…you really killed the mood for your mom and me.”

From Buffalo to Rochester to Mexico to Costa Rica to Panama to Indian Lake to Bermuda to Letchworth to Ithaca to Florida to West Virginia to Ireland.


kayaking the panama canal


the ruins in tulum, mexico



costa rica

costa rica

camping 6


camping 5

west virginia

camping 3


indian lake




We’ve had some pretty great adventures. I still don’t understand how a lifetime of adventures and laughter can ever be enough. I love you, Eric!!! Happy anniversary!! Now let’s go find some pizza!!!