So…What’s next?

9 Jun

I don’t really get taper tantrums (at least…i don’t think so).  I actually kind of enjoy the laziness of taper.  But recovery after a big race…man this shit sucks.  I get antsy to run, but also know my body needs deserves recovery time.


Today, I am sitting here on the couch…thinking about going for a run…knowing that I should wait.  Everything feels ok (leg-wise) and has been pretty good for a couple of days. My chafe is almost gone, my heel blisters are healing.  But there are things that are out of whack still.  My face is breaking out like crazy.  I’ve had a raging, borderline migraine headache.  I am not sleeping normally yet–I am exhausted, but for some reason not sleeping through the night.  My appetite is off and on.  I told myself a full week of no running before I even attempted a run.  And I am sticking to it…


So instead of running, I am scheming up next running endeavors.  I created a spreadsheet of sorts to research fall races.  I had a few goals when looking at my options:

  1.  50k-50 miles is going to be my fall focus.  I believe that getting faster is important before stepping up in distance.  Of course, faster is completely objective.  I have no idea what I define as fast.  But I know that I am not there.  I did not feel fast on Saturday–I felt sloooooowwwwwww.  Maybe faster isn’t so much to do with a pace as it is to do with a comfort level.  That’s not to say that I expect to be comfortable during an ultra–because that would just be silly.  But I do expect to feel in control and strong.  At Virgil, I felt amazing.  Saturday I felt anything but.  Which tells me I’ve got some work to do before I contemplate stepping up to a 100k or *gasp* 100 miler.  After Virgil, I said I could never imagine those distances.  I can honestly say now that I can imagine them…sometime in the future…maybe.  But for right now, I want to focus on working hard to get faster, to get even more comfortable on the hills, to improve my mental game.  Also maybe training in black trash bags so that heat doesn’t bother me.  I kid…I kid…kind of.
  2. Challenging courses are cool–but it’d also be really cool to see what I could do if I trained this hard and then ran an “easy” (hahaha ultra hahaha easy haha) course.  P.S. It is challenging to find an “easy” course…so this is a wish-list item that I am willing to compromise on.
  3. I do not want to be driving for more time than I am running.  So if we take my time from Saturday (because dear, sweet Baby Jesus I don’t want to run a slower 50 mile now..forward, faster progress, people), then we’re looking at races within about 6 hours of us.
  4. Going along with the driving distance comes lodging–races that we can camp beforehand get bonus points because if we’re paying to drive, PLUS paying for a race entry, PLUS paying for lodging, the cheaper the lodging, the better.  Also I love camping.
  5. I do not want to spend a fortune.  With entry fees climbing all the time, I am not interested in an expensive race that offers things like special food (I don’t really eat aid station stuff anyway, I bring my own so I KNOW I have what I want/need) or fancy swag (that I will likely not use).  So a race that costs more than $100 ($2/mile for a 50 miler) is almost always going to get tossed out.  There are still affordable races out there…so why pay more than $2/mile?
  6. If I stick to my recovery plan…the next couple weeks of June will be recovery/easy miles, then we go to Ireland, and I will likely not run much.  So I won’t start real training until mid-July, meaning I’d ideally pick a fall race in October/November to give myself enough time to actually complete another training cycle and have more than a month or so of training before tapering again…Sadly the 50 milers (and a couple 100ks) I’ve seen that looked promising so far have fallen in September…and I’m not sure that’s enough time to train…

So those are my criteria.  I have still not decided for sure on a race…there is more research to be done.  I haven’t seen any 50 milers that I am super interested in for the fall…so I might opt for a 50k, which would be good in terms of focusing on speedwork moving forward.


No matter what I decide, the ultimate goal (as of now) is to train hard for a fall race and then roll that training over into training for Cayuga next spring.  That course, man…what an amazingly beautiful course.


So that’s that.  If you know of a good 50k or 50 mile race that is in October/November, that is <6 hours from Rochester, that costs <$100, and that is relatively easy (although not too flat…I mean…hills are so fun and all), let me know so I can research it and get it on the list of potentials!


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