The Coolest Thing I’ve EVER Seen on a Trail!!

14 May

This morning was my final SUPER long run before I take on Cayuga Trails 50 Miler.  I had a tough week of training–30 miles between Tuesday and Thursday, all of them either speedy (for me) or hill repeats.  The goal was to go into today tired and sore.  Mission accomplished.  Today’s run was supposed to be hard–I planned to do 10 miles with Eric/Ron, then do a mile of stair repeats (White Lady’s Castle/Deck of Cards…a mile is roughly 6-7 repeats, which is about 300-400 stairs.  I always lose count haha.)  Then another 10ish miles.  Then the final miles (whatever was left to make a marathon) were going to be Snake Hill repeats.  Intimidating, but doable.  Potentially.  Except that last weekend I felt like crap most of my long run, and while I got it done, it didn’t inspire much confidence.  So I didn’t know what to really expect…


The first miles with the guys were uneventful.  We chatted, saw a giant woodpecker, and Eric and I climbed White Lady’s Castle a bunch of times (10–5 up and then 5 down, although to be fair either direction you’re going up and down some stairs).  I headed back out for more miles and was just cruising along, not really paying too much attention to time, plotting my next moves.  All of a sudden, I was cresting a hill and I heard this really weird noise. It was like a baby crying, but just one short burst, then nothing, then another short burst.  Then I thought it sounded kind of like a muffled air horn or something.  I was trying to think of where a family could be hiking, realizing there is no trail where the noise was coming from, when I hit the top of the hill and came across…..


A BRAND NEW BABY DEER!!  I mean, the thing could barely even walk.  It still had the gangly legs and was struggling to climb over downed trees (and just walk in general), bleating at its momma the whole way.  I can’t imagine it was more than a day or two old…if that.  Mom was staring me down and waiting for baby, but obviously nervous and trying to get them away from me.  I stopped dead in my tracks, watched for a bit and then realized I should try to video it!

Watch it!!!

It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  I was so close to them…maybe 15 feet away at one point!  The fawn was the cutest thing EVER–maybe we should get one of those instead of a goat???  But seriously.  Awesome!  I stood there and watched for a LONG time…I couldn’t stop it was just so cool!


The rest of the run was also uneventful.  I saw some more animals (a red squirrel, a turtle trying to sun itself, and alot of dogs, most friendly but one that was NOT at all), some people (but not many because it was kind of overcast and rainy), I ran some, I hiked some.  It drizzled on me for the last hour or so, which is when I did Snake Hill repeats.  They felt like shit after about 6 of them, and I contemplated quitting and just running trail again, but then I decided to finish what I started and banged out 4 or 5 more (lost count again).  I’m glad I did what I said I would.  We drove down to the lake and I stood in the lake for 5 minutes or so to ice my legs, which felt really amazing.  So that’s that.  The hay is in the barn.  Tonight we will go for a little hike–tomorrow I will try a short run/hike.  Next week I start my taper.  So glad I was in the right place in the right time to see that little baby and mom!




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