one month

5 May



We are one month from Cayuga Trails 50 Mile Race.  How is that possible???  Where did the time go???


I have been hammering out miles very consistently.  I have had very few aches and pains.  Mostly I’ve just been really tired and really hungry, which is normal and to be expected.  So I have 2 more weeks to knock out (well 1.5 now!) and then a couple weeks of tapering, and then it’s go-time.  In the next month, I have a few things that I want to focus on.


  1.  Foam rolling and core work.  I was doing really well with the core/strength training business, then I kind of let it slip for the past couple of weeks.  I need to get back on it–this past weekend during the marathon fun run, my hip flexors started to really get sore, and all I kept thinking was how it was my own fault for not staying on my strength training and not regularly foam rolling.  So for the next month, foam rolling and core work needs to happen on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays–nothing major, but 15-30 minutes a night should help a ton.

2.  Cutting way back on liquid calories.  This is hard–nothing tastes as good as an ice cold beer after a really tough workout or long run.  But I don’t need to carry around any extra weight on race day, so for now we’re going to limit the beers to just when we are at Windjammers/out.  This should also help a bit with my recovery during the next 2 weeks of big mileage.  And of course I suppose there’s that whole hydration thing…


There is always something a little sad about finishing up a training plan…a “what’s next” kind of feeling.  I’ve already started thinking about that, and I have a few things on my mind:

  1.  A summer of running adventures and fat ass races, including (but not limited to): a Chair Hill 50k (that’d be a lotta vert), Mendon -50k, Many on the Genny (because sadly I won’t be able to race it!)…
  2. A possible 100k attempt.  I have been eyeing up 2 different races for a couple of months now…Boulderfield 100k (which is put on by the people who also do Dirty German) and Conquer the Castle 100k.  I found CtC scrolling through a list of 100ks looking for cool names (which is one of the best ways to pick races hahaha).  They both look like cool events, and I’m torn between which (if any or if both) I would want to do…
  3. Alternately, I could train and race a 50k hard…with the base I have built up and the training I know I could do over the summer, I’d think I could lay down some awesome times on a not-too-hilly 50k course.
  4. OR…I could just go whole hog and try a 100 miler.  I think it’s probably smarter to do a 100k or a few more 50+ races to get my feet under me or whatever.  But there’s a small portion of me that says go big or go home.

So those are the options moving forward.  Thoughts on which would be best???  I’m not making decisions until after CT50…let’s see how I handle another 50 miler..and also have the crazy runner’s high going on to help me pull the trigger on some cool shit for the fall!


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