sibling day

11 Apr

Today is Sibling Day! What a lovely day!


I am lucky in a thousand and one ways.  I have so much that is so good in my life.  I am beyond lucky.  But maybe the most lucky I am is that I grew up as the oldest of 10 kids.  Always someone there to play with, to hang out with.  Also always someone to blame things on.  Someone to be higher up on the “shit list.”  Someone to talk to.  Someone to argue with.  Someone to borrow from, to learn from, to teach.  Because of how I grew up, I have 9 friends.  No matter what.  We stick together.  We take care of each other.


Sometimes, I feel like even though I’m not a mom, in some weird hybrid way I get to be a mom (in all the best ways without any of the stress of actually being a mom).  Because my siblings (especially the littlest ones) are in some ways like my kids.  I love them fiercely, and I want nothing but the best for them.  I would help them any way that I could.  I would do anything for them.


Valerie, my first roommate, the one who stayed up all night waiting to hear if we had a new brother or sister (many times…even while bugs were sucking her brains out).  She is the best about checking in, the best about being there for people.  (Dear Val, next time we’re together, let’s take some pictures so I have some that aren’t from the 90’s…mkay?)


Jeff, the one who I can always have a serious conversation with, and who will talk religion without judgement.

Chris, the camping, beer-drinking, cursing pal (who used to come run away to us when he was in trouble).


Matt, my hippie brother who will keep us alive in the apocalypse because he knows which plants are edible and which will kill us.

Kyle, the one who will push and stretch the limits of an argument, making both people stop to think about their ideas. (Also, we need to take more pics together, dude.)

Leanne.  My Banana.  My god daughter.  Since day one, seeing her in the NICU, wearing the dress and headband I’d (poorly) knitted, she’s been my baby girl.  I will never forget the nights rocking her to sleep, and I can’t believe the beautiful young woman she is (and the old lady I’ve become!).


Josh, the little man.  As a baby, he swept the floor (one of his favorites).  We had the most killer nerf gun war when he was a baby.  That is how I will always remember Josh, no matter how old he is.  Giggling hysterically, running around with a nerf gun twice the size of him.


Alyssa, the athlete.  The total tomboy, which I completely identify with.  Rough and tumble.


And Emily.  The stubborn baby.  I hope that stubbornness remains as perseverance because she will be unstoppable.

It was not normal, the way I grew up. Growing up in a big family is not “normal” anymore.  But I can’t imagine anything else.  Love you guys. Thanks for being the greatest siblings I could ever ask for!




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