24 Jan

The most bizarre thing in the world is to know someone is dying right in front of your eyes, that your only job is to make the person as comfortable as possible and their last hours or moments as peaceful as possible.  It’s a really strange thing to be waiting for someone to die.  It sounds callous to even say that–waiting for someone to die.  But that is exactly what is happening right now.


On the flip side, I guess everyone that you encounter is dying in front of your eyes–maybe not as quickly as my father-in-law is slipping away from us right now, but the reality is that if you’re living, you’re dying at the same time.  That’s a really weird dichotomy.  One that makes me sad, because life is so beautiful and there are so many amazing things to do and experience, and I want to do them all.  But there is not time to do everything.  Life is just simply too short.  Do what you love, live it up, carpe those diems (which may be something Jen P has said…if she hasn’t, I feel it is a very Jen P thing to say).







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