9 Jan

I went through a brief period of time in high school where I thought I might want to become a lawyer.  I even joined the mock trial team (yeah I know…nerd alert…hard core).  I loved it–we got all the documents for a “case” (that was based on an actual case) and then prepared for both sides of the argument.  Real lawyers would come to help us and teach us about ways to argue, what types of things to say, how to craft opening and closing statements.  It was super cool (again…nerd alert).


One of the attorneys we worked with was a defense lawyer.  I remember thinking how I couldn’t imagine being a defense attorney.  Who could defend the bad guys?


And my ultimate reason for giving up the law dream–if I were a prosecutor and I failed, the bad guys would be out there.  I couldn’t live with myself knowing that.


Naïve little Shme, thinking life was so black and white.  Good guys and bad guys.  Nothing in between.  No gray area.


But the truth is there’s always gray area.  And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized this.  People who I thought at one time were so good have done or said really bad things.  People who I thought were bad have done good things.   People aren’t just good or bad.  They are a mix.  Gray.


We recently started watching Making a Murderer.   And it makes me sad.  Because sometimes the people who are accused are innocent.  They need a good lawyer, someone to believe in them and fight for them.  They need someone to defend them.  And sometimes the people who are supposed to be “good” are actually very, very bad.  They are the ones that we need to be protected from and defended against.  It makes me want to be a defense attorney again.   To try to do my part to right wrongs and help people who are innocent who can get screwed by the system.  Because getting screwed by the system is not something that should ever happen.  But it does.  And that is really sad.


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