2015 in review

31 Dec

What a whirlwind of a year.  Some of my favorite points of the year:

  1.  Finishing my first 50 miler.  Glad I got to do Virgil before it was ended.  It was tough, but I had a great day and raced well.

    Couldn't scream...or do anything else except hold back tears of joy and pride until I was safely in Eric's arms.

    Couldn’t scream…or do anything else except hold back tears of joy and pride until I was safely in Eric’s arms.

  2. A huge 45 minute PR at Mendon just a few weeks after the 50 miler.  In retrospect, I’d probably not sign up for ultras so close together.  Then again, every time you do one, it gets a little easier…muscle memory and all that jazz…
  3. Salsa lessons with my love.  The perfect surprise gift from Eric.  We had a lot of laughs and even learned a little somethin somethin!
  4. Hosting some cycling races.  This was a new challenge for us, and there was literally blood, sweat and tears put into both the Fat Bike race and the Crit.  But they both went well overall.  I’m not sure cycling races are something we’ll ever do again, but never say never.  If anything, I think we’d stick to fat bike races–fatty lyfestyle rocks.
  5. Our annual anniversary trip to the mountains.  Eric was injured, we were both recovering from bad doctor news, it was just the two of us, hiking, climbing mountains, paddling, swimming, playing in nature.  And of course summiting Snowy Mountain and eating pizza afterwards is the best way to spend an anniversary.<3 him, <3 the mountains, and <3 cold mountain water

    on a family adventure!

    on a family adventure!

  6. Mighty Mosquito.  I am super proud of #TrailsRoc and what it has become.  But taking on a relay race/ultra seemed daunting to say the least.  It ended up being perfect.  I was so proud that day, so full of love for this amazing community that we get to be a part of.
  7. Camping in Ithaca.  We got to camp down at Buttermilk/Treman twice this year, once alone and once with friends.  I love it there–the trails are gorgeous.  CT50 is my next adventure, and I am excited to spend a day traversing some tough terrain but seeing all the beauty that area has to offer.

    swim in waterfalls to cool off and relax.

    swim in waterfalls to cool off and relax.

  8. A trail marathon at Letchworth, followed by a backpacking adventure, followed by some cheerleader-ing.  I never would have thought I would rock out with consistent 45-70 mile weeks, but I did for a couple of months this summer.
    mobile aid station stop for some food and drink refills!

    mobile aid station stop for some food and drink refills!

    the best crew a girl could ask for

    the best crew a girl could ask for

  9. Our annual Placid Christmas trip–hiking, new breweries, hot tubbing, opening presents early, climbing another 46er.  Good times, fun had by all.

    Christmas eve sunrise on a mountaintop. Can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

    Christmas eve sunrise on a mountaintop. Can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

  10. Applying to become foster parents.  We have no idea where this will lead, but we are excited to be able to open our home and our hearts to some kids who need it most.


Looking ahead to 2016, we have some big plans.

  1. My main running focus for the next few months is to race Cayuga Trails 50.   Another challenging race, but covering some seriously beautiful trail.  We’ve aid stationed for this one for years…and it’s been playing on my mind every time…what would it be like to go the distance here?  About to find out this year!
  2. Tupper Triad (possibly this winter?)
  3. Saranac 6er (ultra style of course)
  4. More 46er peaks
  5. Finalizing plans for Many on the Genny, our latest and (perhaps) greatest race idea yet!  It’s been 4 or so years in the making, and we are beyond excited to see it come to fruition.
  6. Fostering.
  7. Loving.
  8. Laughing.
  9. Living.


For all of you who helped make 2015 a special year, THANK YOU!  We’ll see you in 2016 for another great one!!!







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