my crew

16 Aug

Last night, people were commenting about how I have been doing so much of my mileage alone.  Truth be told, except for Tuesdays, when I am running, it is by myself.

But to clarify, I’m not alone.


my guys waiting for me!

Because this guy is always there with me.


Literally, every long run I’ve done, he’s been there.  Hiking, hanging out, waiting for me. Picking me up snacks if I want them, cheering me on.  A friendly face when I need it most, a “you look good, now go get back out there,” a reminder that “it may hurt, but it’s gonna hurt on race day, so just keep moving forward.”

I am so thankful.  I know how much he wants to be out running (and how much I wish he was out running with me, to eliminate spider webs and keep me company).  I can only imagine all of the things he’d rather be doing than sitting in a car waiting for me for hours on end.  But even though he can’t really run just yet (although he’s getting there!), he’s still with me on these long runs.  For HOURS.  It’s got to be boring.  Eric and I both hate waiting.  But he does it, no questions asked, week in and week out.   And it’s just one more reason I love him to pieces. ❤

My crew!

My crew!

I couldn’t do any of this training without him.  Or maybe I could.  But why would I want to?


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