New Recipe #3: Potato/Spinach Patties…and some Eagan-style ultra adventures to come???

1 Apr

If you know me, you know that I love carbs.  Before I started running, I used to really crave sweets.  All. The. Time.  Now, I crave all things carb–sweets AND very often salty.  So potato chips are kind of one of my current favs.  I’ve recently decided that if eating white potatoes a few times a week is going to help me curb the cravings, those are a heck of a lot healthier than potato chips or French fries.  So Spanish tortilla (which is basically an onion and potato omelette) has become a staple around here.

So I was going through my list of pinned recipes to try and saw this one for Potato and Spinach Patties and was intrigued by the short ingredient list.  Potatoes?  Spinach? Garlic????  I figured this was a “healthy indulgence” that would make the perfect post-run trail-gating dinner.  (In case you don’t know:  Trailgating:  Tailgating at a trail head post-run.  Eric and I are specialists in this, so if you’ve never done it, join us for a run.  Trust me, the run will be worth the post-run festivities.)

The recipe came together pretty easily.  The first batch that I tried to pan-fry fell apart in the pan and I lamented that we were just going to have to go out for dinner.  I think if I were to do this again, I’d just spray the pan with some non-stick spray rather than use oil, as they held together better without the oil (the second and third batches came out perfectly).  I don’t have a food processor, so I just made mashed potatoes, in case you are trying to make this.  We ate them top-less…as in without toppings.  I think they’d be delicious with ketchup, but I have a ketchup addiction, so I’m not sure if you can count what I say.  Someone else suggest sour cream.  The blog it came from suggests a slew of toppings.  They were ok without though. I was amused by the fact that the potatoes turned green from the spinach and decided they were perfect for March–St. Patty’s Day!

As with all of my cooking experiments, I try to have a good back-up plan in place, in case the recipe ends up flopping (ya know…something like a twix bar if the tempeh attempt fails–I looked for this picture and couldn’t find it).  Tonight’s was German potato salad, which I’ve been craving since we went out for dinner with some friends at Genny Brew House and someone ordered it.  I can’t currently find the recipe, but here’s how it goes.  Chop up into bite size pieces about 4 potatoes.  Boil til soft, then drain.  Meanwhile, chop 1/2 cup onion (or more because who doesn’t love onion???) and set aside.  Then cook 4 (or more because who doesn’t love bacon haha) pieces of bacon in a skillet.  When it’s done, take out the bacon and drain and crumble and set aside.  Add 1 tablespoon flour, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/4 cup white wine vinegar and 1/3 cup water to the bacon grease.  Stir and cook on medium heat til it forms a thick paste/dressing.  Add the potato, bacon, and onion and stir til coated.  Enjoy delicious sweet AND salty potato goodness.

Perhaps all of this carb (but unprocessed!) goodness is because my body knows that it is likely gearing up for another great ultra adventure.  Eric just got some good news (that he’s not supposed to share yet, but it’s going to be EPIC) regarding his next 50(+)k race.  And if he’s going to be putting in miles to train for that, I may as well just put in the miles to train for a 50 miler.  I would still be much more uncertain had I not just been able to run RUN on trails for the first time in months!!  When I tell you that rinsing my filthy sneakers in a mud puddle in the parking lot tonight was the highlight of my day, please take it seriously.  I. Love. Mud.  Seeing dirt on trails today for the first time since December is a big deal.  It makes me feel like FINALLY we might be getting closer to real runs.  There is still a lot of snow and ice…but I am finally feeling hopeful.  Or maybe it’s just all the carbs making me giddy. 😉


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