I just gotta dance

24 Feb

A long time ago, I was a Spanish major at Naz.  One of my friends from class (and I can’t even remember now if it was Spanish class or a women’s studies class) asked a bunch of us to go to Tapas for a salsa lesson and then a night of dancing. I had no idea how to dance salsa, but I love shaking my booty and Dawn is good people, so I went.  And the rest is history.

This is so true...

This is so true…

What started as a Thursday night hobby quickly turned into Thursday and Friday, then Thursday-Friday-Saturday, then Thursday-Friday-Saturday at Tapas, then Sunday nights at a dance studio with our new friends we made from hours of salsa-ing.  Dawn and I became close (she is who introduced me to Eric too!).  There were nights of post-salsa food runs, and so many sleepy days at class or at work after a night of dancing.  Those nights were some of the best of college–hours of dancing with all different people, from all different places, learning different styles of dance and whirling around the little crowded dance floor.  I love spinning around in dancing–my favorite dance partners were the ones who would spin me around and around until I was breathless from laughing so hard.  The spinning is the best part of the dancing for me.


Eventually, I stopped dancing as much, but I never stopped loving it, and the first beats of a Marc Anthony song still make my heart beat a little faster, my hips swivel, and my toes tap.  Give me some Elvis Crespo (not salsa, but merengue’s fun too) or Aventura (for some bachata) and the kitchen floor any time!

Eric and I tried to salsa together once.  I am a terrible dance teacher, though, and did not know how to explain how he should lead (because in salsa, it’s all about the guy leading and the girl just following along).  We had fun that evening, but it was not a very good lesson.  A couple of years ago, we decided to do lessons for my birthday, but then things got busy and we never actually made plans to go, and we just kind of forgot about it.

So imagine my surprise when Eric emailed me a couple of weeks ago that we were registered for Monday night classes at the Tango Café!!!
We’ve gone to 2 lessons so far, and we have 4 more to go.  I wish we danced more together (we rotate through partners a lot), but I am still loving it!  Tonight, when I had rotated back through to Eric, he accused me of laughing at him.  I wasn’t though.  I was just dancing with a stupid shit-eating grin on my face and giggling contentedly because I was dancing salsa with the love of my life.  It was like my favorite things were coming together in this perfect storm of happiness.  And he’s good–the musician in him can really feel the rhythm and keep time.  In just 2 lessons, he’s got the basic steps, AND he can spin me around like a pro, while still cracking jokes and hair flicking.  And I love to get spun around.

Distracting Bob and Alison and making me laugh

Distracting Bob and Alison and making me laugh

I know this is not his thing.  It makes me love him that much more for doing something he doesn’t love to make me happy.  At one point tonight, he was like “I’d much rather be in the band.”  But I’m so thankful for his willingness to try something new just because it’s something that I love. I’m glad he’s not in the band, because I’d much rather be in his arms dancing.  And I can’t wait for Monday night to roll back around!!!



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