A new challenge

1 Feb

Last month, Eric decided that we should participate in Dry January–an entire month of no alcohol.  It went well. [In the interest of full disclosure, we did drink a handful of times at the end of the month, but we went a solid 3 weeks with no alcohol at all, and even the times last week that we did have some drinks, it was in moderation.]  About halfway through, he asked if I wanted to do one health challenge a month.  Of course, I love me a good challenge, so I agreed, and got to pick this month’s new challenge.


After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that this month’s challenge will be “Strive for Five February”–making sure each day we eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.  I dislike eliminating things from our diet completely because I feel like it encourages binging (which can be a major problem for me).  I feel like most foods in moderation are fine, especially with our active lifestyle.  But I really like the idea of ADDING HEALTHIER habits into our routine.   That whole additive versus subtractive thing…


When I started to think about February’s Strive for Five, I realized that the last time I really, consciously paid attention to the fruits and vegetables I was eating (which was years ago), it eliminated a lot of the unhealthy snacking because in order to get to five servings a day, you have to really plan out your meals and end up eating a lot of fibrous foods that keep you full for much longer.  This was back when I ate cereal or pasta for every meal (pre-Eric), so there wasn’t a whole lot of vegetable action going on and adding healthy foods was actually a pretty big challenge for me.  Our diet has improved tremendously, and I am pretty sure we get to five servings most days.  But I am curious if my perspective and reality will match up or not, and also curious to see if I gain any new insights into my (our) eating habits. So we are stocked up with clementines, strawberries, bananas, potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, corn, green beans…I am excited for a month of  exploring new ways to fit fruits and veggies into our diet!  Join us???


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