Roasted Chickpeas–New recipe #1

28 Jan

OK so this year I’ve decided to try at least 1 new recipe each month.  And I realized it’s almost the end of January, and I’d already almost failed.  Roasted chickpeas to the rescue!!


I found (and excitedly pinned) this recipe  for BBQ roasted chickpeas a while ago, thinking it was an allegedly delicious and healthy snack.  I think my eating is relatively healthy (I mean compared to the general population for sure, but especially if I really focus on it), but when it comes time for a snack, I’m a hot mess.  During the day, fruit is my go-to.  But there are not many healthy snacks that I like after school or in the evening.  I know this is probably just a matter of retraining my brain to think of healthy foods as snacks, and not just thinking “snack time” and “potato chips” are synonymous.  Or eating enough at actual meal times to alleviate the snack cravings.  But I digress…


I should preface by saying that I am not really sold on this whole “bean” thing.  I don’t particularly love the taste or texture of them.  Black beans really gross me out (I SWEAR I opened a can one time and there was a giant ant in them, so now every time I open them I have a minor freak out that bugs are going to come out), but cannellini and garbanzo (aka chickpeas) are ok.  I rinse beans for about 15-20 minutes.  I am not joking.  When you rinse, the skins start to come off.  I rinse until there are no more skins coming off.  The skins are disgusting.  They look like little popped blisters.  I collect them in a giant pile of blister-skin on the counter, and it always grosses me out.  Maybe my bean problems are because of the prep work.  IDK.  [Side note: Friends who are into beans: how long do you rinse for and do you take all the skins off?  If not, don’t they come off when you’re cooking them, then you have bean-skin to eat with your meal?? And doesn’t this disgust you????]

Nasty blister skins...

Nasty blister skins…

In case the big pile wasn't gross enough, here's a close-up for your viewing pleasure...

In case the big pile wasn’t gross enough, here’s a close-up for your viewing pleasure…

Anyway, it’s a fairly simple recipe to follow, but it does take a while to make–if you wash them for 20 minutes, then bake them for 40, you’re talking an hour to make a snack.  As a limited-time, convenience kinda girl, an hour for a snack is kind of a lot (and these apparently don’t really keep well once they’re made).

Eric and I weren’t huge fans of the finished product.  For the amount of time it took, I was expecting heaven in my mouth (insert inappropriate comments here), and it was mediocre at best.  Picasso loved them, though.


I don’t think I’ll ever make these again.  However it wasn’t all a loss.  I’ve never used Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce before–but this shit was amazing.  A better snack would’ve just been the sauce.  Straight out of the bottle.  Delicious.

Deliciousness in a bottle...probably because of the sugar in it...alas...

Deliciousness in a bottle…probably because of the sugar in it…alas…



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