A truly great weekend!

28 Sep

This weekend has been nothing short of amazing.  It makes it so hard to go back to work when you have a weekend like this.  Why so great?


Well first, I ran another 20 miler this weekend.  I owe so much to Eric and Liz when it comes to my distance running. I probably wouldn’t have signed up for that first 50k without them.  I wouldn’t have wanted to get in the long runs for either race.  And I would most definitely not have started running in the pitch black alone on Saturday morning.  But having them there to face the wolves and bears (we saw eyes…had to be wolves and bears), chat, take in a breathtaking sunrise and share the miles is just awesome.  It was a good run until the very end, when I started to have some tummy trouble.  I think it was due to the nuun that I put in my water on our second loop…so I guess I’m going to stick with just water from here on out.

amazing sunrise...it looked like we were somewhere tropical!

amazing sunrise…it looked like we were somewhere tropical!

running into a beautiful day!

running into a beautiful day!

"we're going to have run 2 50ks this year.  that's pretty awesome."

“we’re going to have run 2 50ks this year. that’s pretty awesome.”

We left Durand and immediately went to Genesee Valley Park for the McQuaid Invitational to watch my cousin, brother and sister race!  Unfortunately, we missed Cameron’s race, but we were there to see Josh and Leanne kill it AND spend some QT with my aunt/uncle/cousins and my dad/brother/sisters.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside enjoying the weather and cheering on some seriously fast high schoolers.

Go Josh!

Go Josh!

Leanne crushing by some girls!

Leanne crushing by some girls!

My dad and siblings came back to our house, and Amber and Greg joined us for some pie irons (pi’irons) for dinner and a campfire.  It was a good relaxing night.  I was tired and fell asleep a few times by the fire before I finally called it a night.


We got up this morning, had bacon, eggs, fruit smoothies and fresh cantalope from our neighbor’s garden.  Then we hit up Durand again for a 4 mile hike.  Eric and I both love the park for it’s incredible natural beauty, but sometimes it’s easy to miss it when you’re running and just focused on not tripping on roots or falling into lakes.  It was really nice to hike it today and see just how much the leaves are starting to change, and we finished up with a trip to the beach where we all walked in the water for a bit and played fetch with Picasso, who was thrilled at the chance to swim.  We came back home, ordered pizzas and watched the first half of the Bills game before they had to leave.  I am exhausted tonight–I’ve napped through most of the football game and I’m looking forward to bed time tonight.  🙂




looking for fish...and fishing lures haha

looking for fish…and fishing lures haha

white lady's castle...al wanted to stay with dad the rest of the hike to "protect him" from the ghost ha

white lady’s castle…al wanted to stay with dad the rest of the hike to “protect him” from the ghost ha

starting to see some color

starting to see some color

playing in lake ontario!

playing in lake ontario!


It was nice to see most of the family (missed the ones who weren’t here) this weekend and spend some time together outside enjoying the beautiful weather.






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