why running in the fall is the greatest

13 Sep

I used to be a summer girl.  I loved all things summer–sweltering in the sunshine, tan lines, cold drinks, beach days, campfire nights, and of course vacation.


Then I became a runner.  And suddenly the sweltering days became miserable.  Getting up at 5 am to get started with a 20 miler because it was going to get up to 90 with 100% humidity? Yup been there.  Done that.  Actually truly contemplating getting into the ponds at Durand Park to cool down??? Gross.  But yeah done that too.  Skipped runs because it was just too damn hot?  Uh huh.


So now runner Shme finds herself looking forward to the fall–cooler temps make running so much easier.  I’ve had 2 weeks of miserable runs.  It’s been in the 80s and humid pretty much every time I’ve been out to run.  I hate it.  I feel awful.  My lungs struggle.  I used my inhaler 3 times in a mile and a half on Tuesday night.  That’s insane.


This morning it was gorgeous for runner Shme–50 and overcast and drizzly.  Here’s why I loved the weather today:


1.  Cooler temps=easier to run.  I did almost 20 this morning and never felt really bad.  There were moments where I felt better than others, obviously, and there were a couple of times where I questioned the sanity of this.  There were a few points where my quads started to get real tight, which I can only assume was because of the colder temps since we didn’t do anything particularly hilly.  But there was no soul-crushing sense of defeat that I’ve had the past few runs I’ve attempted.  So that was nice.

2.  The drizzle cooled me down a bit.  When it’s still *kind of* warm and it rains, it’s the best feeling.  In a couple of weeks, rain and running will be a miserable combination, but today it was a-ok in my book.

3.  Running in the woods protects you from a lot of the rain anyway.  We were watching the rain falling on the ponds and it looked like it was raining so much harder than I’d have guessed based on the amount of water actually getting through the trees to me.

4.  Hot showers are one of my all-time favorite things in the world.  I even take warm showers in the summer when it’s super hot–I hate cold showers.  No matter how warm it is outside, I am almost always cold immediately following a run.  A long, hot shower feels so much better after a hard run in the cool temps.

5.  After the shower, football!  I got out of the shower and heard the Ohio State game on the TV and was so happy.  We have been having a lot of discussions about whether or not we should even be watching football anymore, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t genuinely enjoy lazy Saturdays and Sundays watching games, especially the ones that I really don’t CARE about, so they’re purely entertainment.

6.  Football and napping go together for me.  Snuggled under a blanket, Picasso on top of my legs, it’s really easy to just doze off to sleep for a bit, especially on a gray, rainy day like today.
So yay.  I am pumped about a good run, thankful for good company (thanks Eric and Liz!) to keep me plugging along, and excited about nicer, sunnier weather tomorrow.  And I am super excited because I feel like training for Mendon has finally really started, I am starting to nail down a workout routine with the new work schedule, and the weather is finally starting to cooperate a bit!  Hello, Fall (a little bit early, I know).  Bring on arm warmers, long sleeves and capries during runs and hoodies post-run.  It’s time!



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