Run ’em/Hike ’em All Challenge!

8 Aug

When I planned our cross-country trip, I was beyond excited to finally get out west and explore new places with Eric and Picasso.  I was looking forward to leaving behind the stress of the past year and of reconnecting (maybe not the right word–solidifying more?) with Eric.  My one misgiving was that we were going to be leaving behind our friends and the trail running community for a month.  I was excited for adventure, but I wanted to bring all of our people with us on the adventure. Plans fell through and the next thing I knew, I was planning alternative trips to the ADK and Letchworth.  A long time ago, Eric and I had decided to try to hike every trail in Letchworth.  We’d gone gangbusters for a summer, but then life got busy.  The challenge was all but forgotten until we decided to take it up again this summer.  It was perfect–Letchworth is close enough for other friends to come with us and there were still plenty of trails left for us to explore, including a culminating backpacking adventure on the Finger Lakes Trail.   So I broke down each day and figured out which trails to do and when.  At one point, I got nervous that we were trying to do too much in too short of time–over 100 miles in 9 days.  Then I remembered that we have friends who run 100 miles in 24(ish) hours…9 days was plenty of time.  Worst case scenario, we’d skip a few trails and go back to finish them some other time.

A rough outline of our plan...

A rough outline of our plan…

Over the course of the 9 days, we ran and hiked just shy of 100 miles.  We had a bunch of visitors to help us pass the miles.  And we made some great new friends–it’s amazing how quickly you get to know someone over miles and campfires.  This trip was pretty epic.  In fact, it actually made me a little bit glad that plans had fallen through, and we were “stuck” on the east coast. friends   I wrote this in one of the other parts of my recap from last week, but it’s worth reposting again:  Here, on my couch, 3 days later, I am still tired.  My legs are still a little funny, my foot hurts a little bit (lots of slipping and sliding in mud), I am eating everything in sight (I really hate camp food and ate very little…except for skittles).  But my heart is so full.  We were so sad to have “missed out” on the cross country trip, but the reality is we didn’t miss out on anything.  We just had a different adventure.  And I guess this is a big metaphor for my life right now.  Rather than think of the things that we are missing, we need to embrace the things we have, make the best of crappy situations, and keep living it up.  Life is insanely beautiful and we are surrounded by so many good, funny, like-minded people who add so much joy and happiness to our lives.  Call it lucky.  Call it blessed.  No matter what you call it, it’s awesome. memories So without further ado, here are my recaps of each part of the adventure.  🙂   Part One:  Camping at Letchworth Part Two:  Backpacking the Finger Lakes Trail Part Three:  Letchworth Trail List and Info


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