When life hands you more lemons than you can fit in your backseat…

19 Jun

I think most people have already heard about the shitty news we just got from the district the other day.   In true district-style, someone else messed up her job, and we will suffer for it.  We were told, even as late as the end of April, that we would be receiving a $3,400 retention stipend.  When it never showed up, I emailed to ask what happened and was told, “Oh yeah, sorry about that, but you’re actually not eligible.  Sorry I never followed up with you.”  Sorry don’t pay the bills, honey.  Legally I’m not allowed to get the stipend–it’s part of a grant that I really don’t qualify for.  But it’s not my job to check the grant and make sure I’m eligible–it’s the woman’s who told me in April that they money would be in my June check.  Eric and I budgeted on that money.  We planned a vacation around that money.  And now that vacation isn’t happening.  More fucking lemons.  Sometimes it feels like we can’t catch a break around here.  I mean, again, things are really good in our lives and we’ve been blessed with a lot, but it feels like the things that aren’t going well are one step forward and two giant leaps back, time and time again.  It’s beyond frustrating.


So I was pissed and sad and throwing myself a nice little pity party about all of it.  Not only will this mean no trip (which I’ve spent HOURS planning out), but it will also mean a seriously restricted budget for the summer.   Limited going out, limited driving around, limited EVERYTHING.   The thing is, we COULD just put a lot of stuff on our credit cards and pay it off when we start getting paid again after the summer’s over.  But neither of us wants to do that.  We’ve worked so hard to improve our financial situation (if we could just get rid of our damn student loans we’d be good to go).  There’s no sense in destroying the hard work now just for a little instant gratification this summer.


So I was pissed.  But what I love about Eric and I is that even when things are shitty, we figure out a way to make them better.  This summer will not be what we had planned.  But we’re already talking about what we’ll do instead–some high peaks-backcountry camping before heading out to Indian Lake for our annual trip, bike rides to the beach, campfires in our yard, rock climbing and the MAG (because we’ve had free passes for both sitting on our fridge for a long ass time now).  And one that I’m super excited for–a camping/running trip, that we’re working on now (I love planning stuff, thank God).  Hopefully some of our friends can join us for some/all of the trip.  Running (or hiking for the non-runners) from place to place, then evenings together setting up camp/cooking on a fire/sitting around a campfire all evening.


We are pretty simple people, and the things we enjoy most are pretty cheap.  Hanging with friends, running, hiking through the woods, swimming, campfires… It was what our trip was going to be anyway, so we’ll still do all those things, just in a different location and this time hopefully with a lot of our friends.



Lots of this...

Lots of this…

and this...

and this…


and this!

and this!


When there are too many lemons to fit into the backseat...just be glad you have a great copilot by your side to figure out what to do with them all! <3

When there are too many lemons to fit into the backseat…just be glad you have a great copilot by your side to figure out what to do with them all! ❤


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