let the tapering begin!

5 May

I know a lot of runners who hate the taper [side note for non-runners: tapering happens prior to a race to let your body rest and recover so you’re fresh for the race; for marathons/ultras, you typically taper for about 2 weeks, gradually cutting back mileage/intensity until race day]. 



I love it.  I wait for it.  I embrace it.  By the time taper rolls around, my body is ready for the rest.  It’s ready for the recovery time.



This weekend, I had 2 lousy runs.  Yesterday, we did 6 miles at Durand.  It felt like 26 miles.  All I could think about was getting back to the car… Today, Liz and I were supposed to do 15 at Mendon.  I called it at 13–again, if felt more like 26.  Every step felt like I had ankle weights on.  Tonight, my feet are aching.  My heels hurt just sitting on the couch.  I am pretty sure I’m a bit overtrained.  In 8 weeks, we went from 8 mile weekends to 30 mile weekends–it may have been a bit too quickly to up the miles that much. 


So I am ready to taper.  I am a little bit nervous for the race.  It’s so far–so much farther than I’ve ever even gone before.  I wonder what my body will feel like during the race.  I wonder what my body will feel like after the race.  But then I think about how much fun Saturday-exploring-Philly will be.  How cool it will be to say we ran 31 miles (before I turn 30, which was kind of a goal).  How totally badass I will feel (after all the tiredness and soreness goes away ha).  And then I am curious and excited.  It’s crazy to think that 2 weekends from now, I will be riding a super runner’s high and celebrating another major running milestone!




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