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16 Mar

This morning, we got in a long run that in the moment was not always fun (VERY icy and cold), but in retrospect was fabulous (2 hours of time to chat with my man and laugh every time we almost fell.  Almost.  Because we never did actually fall.  Because we’re total badasses.)

The closest I came to falling over was when we came across a sign at a church. [Just kidding…the closest I came was several times sliding along sidewalks for 10 feet or so before regaining my footing.]  Back to the sign, though.

Too cold to take my gloves off to take an actual picture, but this is what it said.

Too cold to take my gloves off to take an actual picture, but this is what it said.

I wish I was joking.  But this was what they had chosen to put up on their sign out front.  It’s totally cool to hate people if it’s the truth.  I mean, it’s not even hate if it’s Bible-based.  Divine right to hate.  Boom.

This is why I’ve quit going to church and don’t think I ever want to go back.  Anything I need by way of spirituality seems to get worked out with some miles on the trails, whether it’s hiking or running, whether it’s with Eric, with Picasso, with friends, or just by myself.  I don’t miss church, especially when I see messages like this.  The bigotry, hatred and hypocrisy that are inevitable when you believe that YOUR way is the ONE and ONLY true way is sickening.

My questions when I see this type of message from a Christian person/group are always the same: “What would Jesus do?” and “Why is preaching hatred of ‘the other’ acceptable if it’s done in the name of a religion?”  Jesus, the man who ate with lepers and prostitutes when no one else would; the man who preached love for everyone, no matter if He thought they were making good choices or bad choices in their personal lives (because who are we to judge another man); the man who was hung on a cross, in excruciating pain, dying a slow and miserable death, but still forgave his murderers and the man who betrayed him.  Why show such great love?  Because if you loved the people who you believed weren’t “doing it right,” eventually they would begin to love themselves and others and hopefully make better choices.  They would become so loving that they would eventually become crusaders like you and help spread the message of love.  A giant army of love.  Now that’s an army I’d join.


So this morning we ran by a church with the option of encouraging people to love each other in the name of their Savior, Jesus (who they allegedly follow), but instead they are choosing to spread a message of hate (in the name of religious truth).  It’s ok to hate…because it’s the truth…oh wait it only SOUNDS like hate to those of us who think it sounds hateful because we don’t know the truth.  That CAN’T be what Jesus would want.  God, no matter what form you believe He/She/It might take would never want that message, right???  God would want the message to be love and acceptance of everyone, even those who don’t believe what you believe, who see it from another perspective.  Can you imagine the amazing place that our world would be if everyone could just LOVE each other??? Or at the very least tolerate and not hate????

Hmmm what a novel concept!

Hmmm what a novel concept!

If you want to bring people toward your way of thinking…if you want people to start believing what you believe…or at least start considering it…maybe you should first show love, and lots of it, until you’ve built a relationship with someone, at which point you can talk about the benefits of your way.  Maybe you should show SO much love to EVERYONE (particularly the people that no one else wants to love because they are just THAT unloveable) that people are drawn into your church, rather than feeling pushed away because they are not “good enough.”  Because at the end of the day, we’re all flawed.  Even the super-religious folk who want to sit on their high horse and judge the rest of us for being “sinners” and not living exactly as they think we should.


Sometimes love is really hard.  But if we’re truly living like Christ, then we’re loving or at least trying REALLY hard to love, no matter what…

P.S. I love being out on a trail and think it’s one of the best things for my soul.  And if you ever want to give it a try but don’t want to go alone, say the word and I’ll go with you and spread the love.



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