26 Feb

Things at the Eagan house have been pretty blah these days.  Blah might actually not even be bad enough.  Devastating might be a better adjective.  2 weeks ago, we found out that the latest round of Clomid didn’t do it’s job.  I was already in a rotten mood from the medicine, and this just put the nail in the coffin that I was going to be miserable and depressed for a while.  Then we got a call that Eric’s dad (who’d already been in the hospital for a few weeks not doing great) had taken a turn for the worse and we needed to come to Buffalo immediately.  My plans for a weekend pity party got left behind in Rochester and we went to Buffalo to visit in the hospital.  My mind was just not there–my mind was back at home, in my sweats, under a blanket on the couch, crying my eyes out.  Seeing his dad so sick made things worse–Eric and I have always talked about how we really want our children to meet my grandparents and our parents and have memories of them.  Every year that we are still not pregnant is one year of missed memories for our kids.  So sitting in ICU  was just a reminder that my body’s failure had gigantic consequences…*sigh*


Things did seem worse with his dad, so we came back to Rochester emotionally drained–bad news for us, bad news for his dad.  When it rains it pours, I guess.


Then a week ago, the Rochester Rhinos posted that they were looking for someone to help them with their digital media to help them grow their brand–so basically what Eric loves doing and has been very successful doing with #TrailsRoc.  He sent his resume, got an interview, kicked ass (of course), and got offered a part-time job doing  their digital media stuff.  So exciting!   FINALLY some good news around here.  I’m so proud of him for working so hard for so long and trusting that thiings would work out in the end.  And I’m super excited that he’s going to be getting paid to do something he loves!


Don’t get me wrong–it doesn’t take away the sadness or pain from the shitstorm that’s been hanging over us for weeks now.  But at least there’s something good to think about in the midst of all the bad stuff that seems to be going on. 


To our friends who have been so quietly supportive the past few weeks, thank you.  We’ve both been in  pretty rough places mentally, so your patience and tolerance are appreciated.  ❤


One Response to “FINALLY”

  1. Trails2Brews February 26, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

    hooray 🙂

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