comparison is the thief of joy

13 Feb

This morning, I read this article, “Their House is Better Than Ours.”  It’s perfect.  It’s exactly how Eric and I feel.

Are there things about our house and our lot that I wish we could change?  Of course!  But I also know that where we live allows us to have “wiggle room” (especially now, with my better job).  It allows us to go out for beers with friends after we run.  It allows us to aggressively pay off student loans (which are a horrible idea, for what it’s worth).  We don’t have to worry about what happens if one of us loses our job–we will keep the house because we purposely bought smaller “just in case.”

We bought the house with the 5-year starter home mentality.  Truth is, we might be here longer.  This house allows us to make financial decisions that are good for us and our goals.  It works for us.  In fact, it’s often  too big for us.  Our ideal house will always be right around this size–even if/when we have children.  Some of our friends and family may not understand or agree with our housing decisions–they might not agree with any of our decisions.  And that’s fine, because we’re all different.

Our house may not be physically perfect.  But it is ALWAYS filled with love and laughter.  There are so many good memories of parties and get-togethers and cozy nights with our little family snuggled up on the couch together.  Campfires with visits from the fire department and new foods and DIY home improvement projects.  Our house is a home, and the size of our mortgage or the “stuff” we fill it with has nothing to do with that “home” feel.  Comparing what you have with what someone else has is silly–everyone’s got different ideas about what’s good, what’s “worth it,” and what success is.  Their house is not “better” than ours–their house is “different” than ours.  And different is OK.



One Response to “comparison is the thief of joy”

  1. cecile February 13, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your thoughts. We just moved recently to a smaller home. The main living area is only 705 square feet and we love it (although we do have three floors total). People who visit find the place small but who cares. We have relatives/friends whose children have all left and then they move to a bigger place. I just don’t get it. Why buy bigger – just more space to clean/maintain.

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