my soul is happy

27 Jan

I know.  I know.  What a cheesy thing to say.  “My soul is happy.”  But there is really no other way to phrase it.  I am feeling pretty peaceful and content right now after a weekend of adventure in Lake Flacid Placid.


Every year, Eric goes on a trip to Lake Placid with a bunch of guys.  They drink microbrews, climb a mountain (snowshoeing), and then play drink bowling.  Every year, he comes back with amazing pictures and stories, and I am so sad that I didn’t go.

So I was psyched when I got asked along this year!!!

And then the weather forecast was negative degrees for highs during the day, and I got nervous and came very close to bailing.  I haven’t run in a week again.  It’s just too cold.  I go out and my lungs revolt, and they stay angry for days afterwards.  How would I handle the freezing cold AND climbing a mountain (the 2 things that seem to aggravate my asthma the worst)?

Like a boss.  That’s how.  Seriously it was so much fun to snowshoe hike in microspikes up Haystack Mountain.  My hands were freezing at the start (I mean my finger tips hurt so bad I wanted to cry…I’ve never felt cold like I felt this weekend…), so I stole Eric’s omnigloves, and they were sweating the rest of the hike.  [Seriously this omniheat technology is no joke–I doubted it at first, but every product I’ve tried that has omniheat in it is amazingly warm–this coming from someone who is usually cold!]  Everything else stayed warm–in fact, I was soaked in sweat by the time we got back to the car!  Part way up the mountain, we stopped and I used my inhaler–I wasn’t bad, but this was more of a preemptive strike.  It was the last time I used my inhaler–ALL WEEKEND!!!!!  I brought it with me everywhere we went, just in case, but I never thought about it other than as we were walking out the door.  This is the least I’ve used it in weeks.  In other good news, I anticipated the soreness that comes the day after mountain climbing–in the past, no matter how great of shape I’m in, the day after we do a mountain, I am a little sore in the quads and hammies.  But this morning I woke up feeling 100%–I guess all the squats, lunges and pull ups I’ve been doing lately have been paying off….


Going UP!

at the top!!!

at the top!!!

butt sliding down the mountain on particularly slippery spots...hilarious

butt sliding down the mountain on particularly slippery spots…hilarious

going back down...little scary in some parts, but once I trusted the poles, there was no stopping me ha

going back down…little scary in some parts, but once I trusted the poles, there was no stopping me ha

"this isn't that kind of trip, shme!" hahhaha  it's not exactly a beach, but...

“this isn’t that kind of trip, shme!” hahhaha it’s not exactly a beach, but…

Anyway, it was a fabulous trip and I had a blast.  I have decided that we should get up to the ADK more often in the winter (and fall and spring) to do some climbs–my lungs were the best they’ve ever been and everything felt so much better than in the summer.  Maybe it’s the lack of humidity that made the difference?  Or the clean mountain air???

or maybe it's the microbrews???  moose island ale--not bad.  also tried ubu.  that stuff's for real!

or maybe it’s the microbrews??? moose island ale–not bad. also tried ubu. that stuff’s for real!

In any event, I am pumped to get back up there and hike some more.  We were a mile in and I said, “I really can’t wait for this summer now!”  I also really think maybe in the future we would be really happy living up in a mountain town (as long as there’s a nice lake we can live on).  Just a matter of finding jobs, but I think ADK mountain living would suit both of us very well.  All weekend, all I could think about was how this is where I belong–how I felt so at peace and comfortable and completely and totally at home.  Every time we are up there, this is how I feel.  Every time we are in the woods or in these quaint little towns, I just love the vibe and never want to leave…SO who’s in for another winter trip??????

the boys having some snuggle time ha

the boys having some snuggle time ha

Eric ready for #omnidrinkbowling

Eric ready for #omnidrinkbowling

bobsledding down main street

bobsledding down main street

amazing to walk through the olympic center and see the actual rink where miracle on ice happened.  so cool.

amazing to walk through the olympic center and see the actual rink where miracle on ice happened. so cool.

rockin our flannels <3

rockin our flannels ❤


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