the bachelorette life OR learning to carry pepper spray

10 Jan

When Eric left for his first OmniTen trip over the summer, it was the first time we’d spent the night apart since we were married.  There aren’t really words for how weird it is not to have him there to wrap an arm around me when we go to bed or to roll over and see in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.  Not to be able to ask him a question, laugh at a TV show we were watching or just look over at and smile.  Picasso misses his daddy, too, except at night, when he gets to claim the entire second half of the bed, including pillows.  He was a happy boy last night.  I hope he doesn’t get too used to that.

So Eric’s gone again, and we’re in day 2 of 4, and it’s still so strange.  He told me the night before he left that he had some surprises lined up for me, and sure enough, yesterday and today I came home to presents on the doorstep.  Super cool.

Yesterday, I decided after work to go out for a little snow shoe run.  It was fabulous (albeit very cold).  Tonight, I met Danielle for some miles, then met the #TrailsRoc group for some more miles (6.5 tonight! woot!).  As I was driving to Durand tonight, I had a funny realization about bachelorette-ing it.

Eric bought me pepper spray to run with (if I’m alone) a while ago.  I NEVER remember it (and often wish I had, as I freak myself out with thoughts of stupid, unrealistic TV shows that become so reasonable when you’re alone in the woods.  NOTE: I’ve never actually wished I had it to protect me from actual people, so family do not worry about me.).  I realized today that both yesterday AND today, I grabbed it on my way out and threw it in my stuff without even thinking.  Strange!  I guess when Eric’s around (even if we’re not running “together” but in the same park), I feel safe and subconsciously feel I don’t need to bring the spray.  Danielle joked tonight that I think Eric’s got bionic ears for me.  In any event, I would really like to start remembering the pepper spray more often.  Not because of people.  But because of dogs.  Case in point, tonight, as Danielle and I crested a hill, we came face to face with a big dog.  He started to come over to us, I was looking for my spray, couldn’t find it (because I had to put it in my sports’ bra–too much other stuff in my pockets), and finally the dog went away on its own.  Phew.


So note to self:  Remember to carry pepper spray, even if your burly, protector husband is with you.


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  1. nomeatbarefeet January 11, 2014 at 2:20 am #

    just wanted to let you know we nominated you for a blogger award over at our blog!

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