8 Dec

I am so sick of people and their poor excuses for poor decisions.  Rather than just be straight and say we were too lazy or too tired or too busy with other stuff, we look for reasons to legitimize poor choices.  It’s lame.

I just read this article about how eating healthy costs an extra $550 a year.

This is just one more excuse for making poor health choices.  “I’m too poor to be healthy.”  The thing is, I’d be willing to bet it’s not a valid excuse for MOST people.

These same people who are too “poor” to afford fresh veggies and fruits have cable, iPhones, get their hair and nails done, go out to eat or buy a cup of coffee every morning on their way to work, and get new sneakers every month or two.  You are not too poor to eat healthy–you are making poor choices with how to spend your time and money.  That is no one’s fault but your own.

Our society is becoming one where it is acceptable to make excuses and feel sorry for yourself.  Rather than admit that choosing healthier food options is difficult, that preparing food every day can be a pain in the ass, that some nights you just don’t care enough to cook healthy food, that french fries from mcdonalds are just so damn good you can’t stop eating them (ok maybe those are just my reasons?)…rather than do any of that, we say we’re too poor.  It costs too much.  The reality is, eating healthy doesn’t cost too much.  It just requires some planning and preparation that we don’t feel like doing.

Last week, we were supposed to eat unprocessed foods as part of a new nutritional challenge Eric came up with to clean things up pre-Christmas.  The truth is, some nights, I don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal.  That has nothing to do with our financial situation.  That has to do with me coming home from work tired, hungry and unwilling to put any time/effort into making a meal for us.   A bag of chips tastes better some nights, and is far more convenient.  I can run into Wegmans and buy chips and eat them immediately or I can buy chicken and have to go home and prepare it before I can eat.  The chip companies (and other processed food companies) have also engineered tastes to be addictive.  There’s a reason processed foods taste so good–science.  Watch any documentary on processed food.  It’s fascinating, really, to see the research and development that goes into making fake food.


I guess my point is that there are a lot of factors working against us (Americans as a whole), but poverty is NOT typically one of them.  I hate that we have become a society that makes excuses rather than just being honest with ourselves and others when we make a poor food choice.  Eating healthy takes forethought, planning and preparation, but it is completely doable…if you WANT to.


One Response to “excuses”

  1. nomeatbarefeet December 9, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

    I love this post. You don’t hold back from simply telling it how it is: stop making excuses. When Katie and I became vegan we told each other than money would not dictate our dietary lives. If it meant skimping elsewhere we would not sacrifice good eating. But as you point out…sometimes you just wanted a processed meal. Pizza, mac&cheese, a bag of chips, a cold fountain pepsi…I don’t think having processed food now and again is all that bad. It is when it becomes a habit, and then a crutch, and then an excuse to not eat well that it is a problem.

    Thanks for this. Eating well is something you have to want; no excuses. 🙂

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