injuries are lame…

3 Dec

All last week, every run I did, I rolled my ankles.  I was just thankful that my first cut back week of the new training plan coincided with the first major snowfall.  I really dislike winter running when there is a lot of snow on the trails.  I am not very sure-footed regularly, so add snow/ice and I am done for.  None of the ankle rolling I did was particularly painful or bad last week.  Even on Sunday, running at Powder Mills Park, I never really felt any major pain in my ankle.  When I finished my hour and a half trek, my hip flexors were more sore than anything.  I also noticed some soreness around my ankles/outer calves, but figured it was just all the stabilizer muscles complaining about the snow.

rolling ankles like it was my job...

rolling ankles like it was my job…

but i couldn't stop...look at how beautiful this is!!!

but i couldn’t stop…look at how beautiful this is!!!

Last night, everything felt ok again except my left ankle/calf.  When I rolled over this morning, the first thing I felt was my ankle area.  Not cool.  It’s been very sore all day.  There’s no swelling, though, which I take as a great sign that this is a minor injury.  I’ve iced 3 times now, stretched and drew the alphabet with my toes every chance I could get during the day and massaged gently.  It’s feeling a little better, but I’m so nervous that I really messed something up.  The last time I had this type of feeling, I was sidelined for 6 months doing PT for my hip.  I don’t want 6 more months of that.  I CAN’T do 6 months of that.  I will go insane.  Back then I wasn’t a runner yet.  Now running is such a major part of my identity that I can’t imagine not running…

Injuries are lame.  On the plus side, it has forced Eric (who is also injured and should be taking time off–hint, hint) and I to make a move we’ve been thinking about for a while.  Buying a trainer bike for the basement!  I am not a bike lover–I’m not very confident when on the roads (or trails).  But on a trainer, I don’t have to worry about crashing into anything or braking.  Which is pretty cool.  So I’m going to work on getting used to to biking.  This bike’s seat doesn’t quite go down far enough for me (midget legs), plus I’m just not used to sitting on that kind of seat.  Tonight I rode for 20 minutes.  My plan is to ride every morning to get used to it, especially if I’m taking a little running break to let my ankle heal up…While I’m excited about trying out this bike trainer business, I am SUPER hopeful that the bike will just be a means of cross training and NOT the only thing that I am able to do without pain…



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