there’s never a “good time”

31 Oct

When we first decided to start trying to have a family 3 years ago, I worried if it was “the right time.”  Everyone was quick to say how “there’s never a right time,” and that you just make things work out when you have a baby.


3 years later, that quote has taken on a very different meaning.  I would say there is still “no good time” to be trying.  Today is Halloween. For 3 years, we’ve passed out candy to adorable little kids all night long, dreaming of the day when we would be out with our own little pumpkins.  And I just can’t do it again this year.   So we’re going for a nighttime trail run instead.  We can get through this “holiday,” then I can get mentally prepared for yet another potentially un-pregnant Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years…


When/IF my doctor calls me back today, I am going to tell her off.  Hop me up on hormones, send me for apparently useless but emotional tests, and then don’t call me back for over 2 days.  And then see what happens.  All they care about is collecting the insurance money/copays for various tests/visits.  Our medical system in this country is a joke.



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Random positive thought of the day:  Every day is (theoretically) one day closer to a baby for us…


One Response to “there’s never a “good time””

  1. nomeatbarefeet October 31, 2013 at 1:32 pm #

    I’m liking this but not really liking this. Sorry to hear of the constant struggles. I can only imagine the frustration. If nothing else the titles for the spaces are hilarious. I particularly enjoy “If your cashier is pregnant go back 2 spaces.”

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