running thoughts

30 Aug

This morning, I took Picasso for a super easy run/hike.  When I first started running, I almost always ran alone. Eric would run with me, but other than him, there weren’t many people I felt comfortable enough around.  I look back now on how much my life has changed since then.  Not only do I run with people, but I ask people to run.  I organize and sometimes even lead Tuesday Trail Trots.  I have made some amazing running friends, my “sweat sisters” and brothers.  Our social life has become our post-run hang outs with our running friends–hanging in a park in the evening, having a few beers, some veggies, some cookies (thanks, Todd!). 


Even though I love running with people, it’s nice every now and then to run alone.  My mind whirs and I wish I could put a voice recorder on it.


1.  I am running and hiking fast.  So really more a rike.  hahaha.  Just keep riking, just keep riking…


2.  Oh my god.  Picasso just almost pulled me into that nasty old lake.  Ugghh why did he have to go in right there where there’s all that pond scum?  It smells so bad.


3.  Why is this considered a lake?  It’s a pond.  Who decides lake or pond, river or stream?


4.  I wish Eric were here running in front of me.  I am hitting all kinds of spiderwebs.  How gross.  I hope there are no spiders crawling on me.  *shudder*


5.  Should’ve probably eaten some breakfast before I left.  My stomach is so loud.  I wonder why mine is so much louder than anyone else I know?  So strange.


6.  I am soaked.  Why do I sweat so much?  How gross and unladylike.  Not that I’m a “lady” anyway.  You can dress me up…hahaha 


7.  Speaking of dressed up, how about my mint skinnies? And that new sundress I bought.  Shopping is fun when you *mostly* like the way you look.


8.  Speaking of…good thing I’m running all these hills.  I am going to have a killer ass if I keep this up.  Plus run a great 5k on the roads.  Man flat roads are awesome.  Easy.  Flat.  Roads.  haha.


9.  Wish I could take dog dog off his leash.  But I just heard dogs barking and they didn’t sound friendly.  But if he almost pulls me into one more lake/pond (plake?) I am going to kill him.


10.  [on the way home] Wow.  Shakira’s lyrics are kind of cool.  But if you translate to English, they make her sound like a psychopathic stalker. 


So that’s that.  Long run this weekend.  Can’t believe summer is over after this weekend!!! 


And some pics from this morning:




Found an unexpected water faucet! Hooray fresh, cold, CLEAN water!!!



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