speed work

2 Aug

Last night, we went to Kreag Road Park to run with the MedVed Thursday night group.  I love our running family that we’ve found through trails.  It’s really cool to have such awesome people from so many different walks of life and places and capabilities.  We’ve bonded over countless miles, and I love hanging with them.


With all that being said, I’ve realized that I’ve done very little training this summer–I’ve worked out a TON.  But there hasn’t been much actual purpose to my running.  Most of it has been on trails, much on difficult trails, where I am fine walking up the big hills and just cruising along slowly.  That’s not a bad thing–preventing injury, giving my body a little break, enjoying the company of others.  BUT it’s not the way to get a new 5k PR this fall like I’d like.


So last night, I made up my mind that I need to start doing speed work again.   I really hate speed work, mostly because it’s hard and I dislike anything that requires a lot of effort.  I am a lazy runner.  But at this point, I’m not getting any faster without some effort.  Kreag Road Park is right next to the canal–the perfect place to knock out some fast repeats.


So I split off from everyone else last night.  I hit the canal on my own, running a mile warm up at a nice easy pace.  I started my first 800 repeat and immediately knew it was not going to happen.  This was my first attempt at repeats in months, so maybe 800s were a bit ambitious.  Or I’m just lazy.  Either way, I knew 800s were not going to happen.  I slowed to a jog after about a quarter mile…and realized the quarter mile hadn’t been awful.  It hadn’t been great, but it was OK I guess.  So I changed my plan.  Instead of 800s, I was going to do 400s.  I ran 5 repeats before realizing that it was getting darker AND i was about two and a half miles away from the bridge to get back to the park.  I started hauling to get back, suddenly nervous that I was going to be stuck on the canal in the dark. 


I made it back, a sweaty, hot mess.  But I did my speed work.  I didn’t die.  And I felt surprisingly OK.  So it starts.  I need to pick a race–I’ve started some preliminary research, and I’m leaning toward the race that I got my current PR, although I’m not sure that I’ll be able to place in my age group.  But I know it’s flat and fast, and there will be plenty of people there to compete with and push myself.  It’s at the end of October, though, so I’m not sure.  We’ll see, I guess. 


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