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running thoughts

30 Aug

This morning, I took Picasso for a super easy run/hike.  When I first started running, I almost always ran alone. Eric would run with me, but other than him, there weren’t many people I felt comfortable enough around.  I look back now on how much my life has changed since then.  Not only do I run with people, but I ask people to run.  I organize and sometimes even lead Tuesday Trail Trots.  I have made some amazing running friends, my “sweat sisters” and brothers.  Our social life has become our post-run hang outs with our running friends–hanging in a park in the evening, having a few beers, some veggies, some cookies (thanks, Todd!). 


Even though I love running with people, it’s nice every now and then to run alone.  My mind whirs and I wish I could put a voice recorder on it.


1.  I am running and hiking fast.  So really more a rike.  hahaha.  Just keep riking, just keep riking…


2.  Oh my god.  Picasso just almost pulled me into that nasty old lake.  Ugghh why did he have to go in right there where there’s all that pond scum?  It smells so bad.


3.  Why is this considered a lake?  It’s a pond.  Who decides lake or pond, river or stream?


4.  I wish Eric were here running in front of me.  I am hitting all kinds of spiderwebs.  How gross.  I hope there are no spiders crawling on me.  *shudder*


5.  Should’ve probably eaten some breakfast before I left.  My stomach is so loud.  I wonder why mine is so much louder than anyone else I know?  So strange.


6.  I am soaked.  Why do I sweat so much?  How gross and unladylike.  Not that I’m a “lady” anyway.  You can dress me up…hahaha 


7.  Speaking of dressed up, how about my mint skinnies? And that new sundress I bought.  Shopping is fun when you *mostly* like the way you look.


8.  Speaking of…good thing I’m running all these hills.  I am going to have a killer ass if I keep this up.  Plus run a great 5k on the roads.  Man flat roads are awesome.  Easy.  Flat.  Roads.  haha.


9.  Wish I could take dog dog off his leash.  But I just heard dogs barking and they didn’t sound friendly.  But if he almost pulls me into one more lake/pond (plake?) I am going to kill him.


10.  [on the way home] Wow.  Shakira’s lyrics are kind of cool.  But if you translate to English, they make her sound like a psychopathic stalker. 


So that’s that.  Long run this weekend.  Can’t believe summer is over after this weekend!!! 


And some pics from this morning:




Found an unexpected water faucet! Hooray fresh, cold, CLEAN water!!!


diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

27 Aug

Today, Eric had a convo with his mother regarding my wedding rings.  She said something which I think is funny, which is that all women want diamonds, and I am just trying to protect Eric’s feelings by saying that I don’t.  And it got me to thinking…


When we first got engaged, Eric bought me a really beautiful engagement ring, with three stones and some smaller diamonds lining the band.  It was beautiful, I loved it.  I love everything about our engagement story–us going to look at rings together, him buying it secretly but then teasing me for weeks about when he was going to pop the question, the fact that he was traditional and got down on one knee (after asking my parents for permission), the way he had planned the entire day from the surprise engagement to the parties all afternoon/evening to celebrate.  I had requested a ring that did not have a very high setting because I was terrified that I would break it, despite repeated assurances that diamonds are indestructible.  But I know myself.  “This is why we can’t have nice things” and “you can dress her up but you can’t take her out” are phrases that were clearly meant for me…


Amazing surprise!!!

Fast forward 2 years, when I was showering one night, my ring had spun on my finger and as I was washing my face, I noticed a scratching sensation.  I opened my eyes to find one of the diamonds missing, a prong completely broke off.  I have no idea when it happened.  I panicked, not because I was upset so much as I was scared what Eric was going to say.  But he was pretty calm about it.  Oh well.  Guess we’ll get a new one.  I think for both of us, the sad part was not the loss of this piece of our commitment to one another as it was the amount of money we had spent on that “thing,” that would never be recovered.  Lame.


Similar to my first ring…past, present, future 🙂


Eric and I researched new rings, but at the time, buying a new ring was not really in the budget.  Furthermore, I didn’t really care if I even had a ring or not.  I was married.  To me, the ring is just a symbol, and as such is only as valuable as the value you choose to give it.  Just because I wasn’t wearing a ring didn’t make me any less married or any less committed.  There are plenty of people who are married and wear rings and aren’t good spouses.


We had joked, when we were getting engaged (before our decision to try to live more minimally and really think about what was valuable to us–aka relationships and experiences and not things)  that he should get me a cubic zirconia ring.  We’d both read some articles about how the new CZ was indistinguishable to the naked eye, even some jewelers were fooled by them.  But we didn’t, mostly because I think we were both young and felt the pressure to get the all-important diamond like society says you have to have if you’re going to get married.  We wanted to “do things right.”  I wish we had just bought the cheap ring to begin with because then breaking the first ring wouldn’t have mattered as much.


In any event, when my diamond ring broke, I wanted no part in spending more money on another ring that could potentially break.  We picked out a CZ ring–it was gigantic and sparkly and beautiful, a round stone with little “diamonds” around it and more on the band.  I wore it for 2 years and got more compliments on that ring than on the original.  No one believed me when I’d tell them it was fake, and one of Eric’s coworkers even made me take it off, because she was convinced that it was some designer ring (and to prove how little I know about such things, I have no idea the name she even said).  I just finally had to get a new one when one of the little fake diamonds on the side of the first fake ring fell out.  Eric and I discussed, again, the possibility of actually buying a new ring.  Would we save money in the long run?  But the way I see it, if every 2 years, I buy a new fake ring for 20-40 bucks, and I never have to worry about it being broken or stolen or lost, that’s a pretty sweet deal. 


Not exactly the same as my rings have been, but similar…


I know they say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  But the truth is, my best friend is Eric.  I would rather have hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars that we would spend on a diamond ring to go see the world or do something fun with him.  I do not want a diamond ring.  Every girl does not want diamonds.  I have everything I need and most of what I want, and that’s pretty awesome.  Diamonds do not equal love.  Diamonds do not equal a happy, healthy relationship.  I may never have real diamond anything–and I am completely ok with that.  Maybe this is weird (kind of like doing a trash the dress photo shoot and then cutting my wedding gown up to make a tree skirt).  But I don’t want to be tied to things anymore.  I love my fake ring, but more importantly, I love Eric and what we have and what we are building together, and that is worth more to me than any diamond ever could be.

mumbo jumbo

19 Aug

Last year, I was miserable.  I wish I had looked at things more reasonably back then…all I could see was the negatives, even though my life was (and is) rife with positives.  But my negatives were pretty big, and I let them take over my life.  I was super depressed over the baby (more appropriately the lack thereof), and so my shitty job only contributed to that.  I was absolutely NOT doing what I loved or wanted to be doing, but felt there was no way out. 


So in March, when the RCSD called to offer me a part-time job teaching ESOL, I was torn. 


Part of me saw it as a great chance to start fresh, to teach something new and exciting, and most importantly, to work better hours (charter schools are the pits in my experience). 


Part of me saw it as a scary gamble. It was part time, so it was slightly less money than what I’d been making, and I wasn’t sure we could get by on that.  Scarier still, it was only considered a “long term sub” job until the end of June.  Then I’d have to reapply and see what happened. 


Eric and I talked a lot about it.  And finally he told me that until I was happy, I had to keep looking for something else.  So if this was it, then we’d make it work.  If it wasn’t, then I could always apply for other things at the end of the school year.  I accepted the job, started and LOVED it.  The end of the school year passed by in a happy blur–my students were fabulous, I loved what I was teaching, my coworkers were cool, my hours allowed me to actually have a life again…


At the end of June, I was feeling pretty good about things.  Everyone I’d worked with had loved me, including the department head.  He told me not to worry, that he had every intention of keeping me in the district, they can’t afford to lose good teachers.  The superintendent had said that everyone would be placed by July. 


But July came and went and I hadn’t heard anything.  The jokes from Eric and our friends about how I was unemployed and dependent on Eric started to hit a little too close to home with every passing day. 


I went to the doctor for more fertility testing and was told that we were ready to start meds whenever, but realized we couldn’t if I didn’t get rehired, because we wouldn’t have insurance. 


This morning, I woke up at my parents’ house, where I’m staying while Eric’s on his Columbia trip to Oregon.  I was up before anyone (which is strange in a house with so many little kids).  I was walking with Picasso in their park-like (seriously) backyard, thinking about all of it–the baby stuff (some things were said last night that kind of made me sad and wistful) and the job stuff, and where my life is, and how much I’ve changed…


I came inside to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t.  So I popped on the Internet.  I checked my email last, because I was sure it was too early for there to be anything, if there would even be any news.  Lo and behold, emails from both the department head and HCI, offering me a job for next fall!  And not any job–a full-time, probationary position!!!!!!! 


When I took the job in March, I was so scared.  What if I’d just completely shot myself in the foot by doing this?  What if I didn’t get rehired in the district?  Would I ever get hired anywhere if not there?  Would this be the end of my teaching career?


I took the job telling myself all kinds of universe-will-come-back-to-help-you-out, karma-is-real mumbo jumbo.  If you put yourself out there for the world, you will be rewarded.  I am a planner, so not knowing for sure what was going to happen this fall terrified me.  I can’t really express that enough. 


I’m so glad it all worked out.  I wish Eric were here to share my good news.  He’s not even within cell phone range until sometime today, my guess is after they raft all day (so more like late tonight).  I can’t wait to tell him.  Seriously this is the best news ever!!!

built for comfort

11 Aug

This morning, I almost didn’t get out of bed to go the Dam Good Trail Run Preview.  I knew I could not run the whole thing (14 miles) because my running has really slipped a lot this summer.  And I certainly knew I was not interested in “running” something like 0 SPF.  That is not running to me.  I know some people find the challenging, un-run-able hills satisfying in some sick, sadistic way.  I am not one of them.  I am much too delicate to run those kind of courses and actually enjoy them.  Someone once said “I’m built for comfort not speed” about their running/body (I wish I could remember who).  I’d like to shorten it and just say that I’m built for comfort.  I do not find enjoyment in putting my body into hurtful and severely uncomfortable situations.


So my alarm went off this morning, I rolled over, hit snooze and decided not to go.  But then I thought about the new bikini I bought yesterday at Marshalls and how happy my body has been making me lately.  I have some serious body image issues, so it is a big deal that I have been getting out of bed most days this summer feeling good (mostly) about the way I look, and trying some new workouts to challenge myself in new ways and get stronger and healthier.  So I decided I may as well go along, do a short run, then chill and read my book in the sun while I waited for the crew to come back.


I’m so glad I went.  We had a really fun drive down (we ended up carpooling with Rob and Heather).  I spent the first 3.5 miles running with Amy, chatting happily and taking all the scenery in.  At 3.5, I turned back for the car and ran alone.  I freaked myself out thinking about the Walking Dead, so I was sprinting a lot of sections, scanning for zombies until I almost fell on a mud slick.  I got to the car, ate a Honey Stinger Gel (I’ve never used gels before, but have decided to try them since we have so many in our house now).  It was gross, but I think part of that was the consistency and part was that it had been sitting in a car in the sun for over an hour.  I headed back out to test how my stomach reacted to it.  I did 1.5 out, then turned back for home.  I was not at the car for too long before people started trickling in from the full run–I never even touched my book or magazines!  We hung in the parking lot with all kinds of cool kids, talking, laughing, and eating homemade guac (my newest obsession). 


I’ve talked before about how running is a very sensory experience for me sometimes–especially when I’m on a trail.  I’ve been trying to run alone more lately because then I can really dial in on those senses (also, I desperately need speed work sessions to rebuild the speed I’ve seemingly lost during my running-seriously-hiatus). 


This morning, as I was coming back towards the parking lot a second time, I had a super-sensory moment.  I found myself wishing there was a way to capture that feeling I got, like a picture, but more than that.  It was like an out-of-body experience in a way–I felt like I was flying along, not doing work, just moving, naturally, freely.  The sun was dancing around because the trees were moving gently in the breeze.  The gorge was to my left, and I was struck by how massive it is and conversely how tiny I am in the grand scheme of things.  The breeze was blowing at my face, which was warm and sweaty–I could feel the saltiness when I wiped my brow with my hand, scraping a little bit.  The breeze was cool, and it felt so good against the heat of my skin.  My feet were moving in time with my breathing–2 steps on the breath in, 2 steps on the breath out.  Everything was just working the way it should be.  And it felt good.  Really good.  Better than it has in a long time.


Tonight I’m tired.  10 miles is the farthest I’ve run in a LONG time.  Like months really.  I am a little sore.  But the good sore.  That satisfying sore from working hard and accomplishing something you thought you couldn’t.  Maybe I am not just built for comfort…

Christmas in August–a new tree skirt from my old wedding dress!

7 Aug

Today I woke up and just knew I was going to do some cool things.  So I ate a handful of twizzlers and a handful of sweet tarts for breakfast.  OK.  Not good.  But delicious.  I ran a couple of errands, came home and took out my wedding dress.


Since we got married 4 years ago and “trashed the dress,”  I have been talking about cutting this bad boy up to make a tree skirt.  I’m assuming I saw it somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I first got the idea.  There were a few sites I’ve found over the years with pictures/companies that will do it for you, but I couldn’t find any really good directions.  So I’ve hemmed and hawed and dragged my feet, nervous that I would ruin the dress.



Can’t ruin it much more than we did on the train tracks–there’s still grease on the underneath of the train, which makes me smile every time i see it and remember how much fun we had this day!




















But then I realized this morning–it’s sitting in a closet.  For 4 years.  That is insane.  Who cares if I mess up the tree skirt?? There is enough fabric there to make (or attempt to make) plenty of other things.  And even if I mess the WHOLE dress up, WHO CARES??? I am NEVER wearing it again.  I may not even have daughters (I actually really spend a lot of time hoping we have boys–the thought of raising a girl terrifies me).  And even if I do, they will most definitely NOT want to wear my dress–they’ll want to get their own.  And I’m totally cool with that.  [Side Note: I think I’m going to keep a small square of my gown, just in case someone someday would want to wear it pinned to the underside of their gown as a “something borrowed” or “something old” someday.]


Anyway, I laid the dress out on the kitchen table, trying to figure out the best plan of attack–pull seams, cut pieces to make a skirt like the one i have…Then I put it on, just for shiggles.  I had forgotten how heavy it is–all those beads and the layers upon layers of fabric.  It’s a little big in some places, but I realized I could just chop the bottom of the skirt and the train off, making a short party dress, then I’d have more manageable chunk of fabric to work with. 


Around this time, Eric came home from work.  I’m glad he was there to document the process for me.  On the off chance someone somewhere out there wants to make a tree skirt out of their wedding gown, I know how few directions are out there, so here’s what I did.

First, I chopped the bottom of the dress off.  I thought I’d be more nervous cutting it up, but I made the first cut, literally said, “no turning back now,” and kept cutting all the way around til the dress was in 2 pieces–top and bottom.  Then I cut the crinoline and extra layers down, too, to get them out of the way.  I ended up with 4 big chunks. 


Ta-da! In pieces!

So then I had the train/bottom of the dress.  I ended up making an executive decision to cut the train piece off, so I found a section where the swirls and flowers and beads had a very small break, and cut it out.  I goofed a little and didn’t make a very good oval, which ended up working out fine in the long run, but had me perturbed for a good chunk of time…


using an old tree skirt to try to figure out the best “plan of attack.” I stared at the dress for a LONG time before deciding anything, and actually had a few minutes of panic when I thought I’d completely messed it all up!

I realized I could just pin into a circle, so that’s what I did.  Pinned, then sewed around the bottom of the dress, close to the edge.  It was easy going except there were a few spots where I had to go over some beading.  I should’ve just taken the beads off–but I can’t do things the easy way.  So I sewed over carefully.  Then I had a big circle. 

I cut into the circle about halfway–I had to be a bit off-center so I didn’t hit any of the embroidery/beading.  I hemmed those seams shut.  Then I took the buttons from my bustle, using them to make the closure for the  tree skirt.  I just made mine the same as on the cheap skirt I’ve been using for years now–bows looped around the buttons.



I had to see it with the tree.  So I got out our new, easy-to-assemble tree and checked it out.  I love it!  I’m so glad I did this, and I hope the skirt will last our whole lives AND maybe even be an heirloom to pass down some day.  We’ll see.  I have no idea how well it will hold up.  But I like the idea.  There is still train track grease on the part I used, which also makes me smile.  That dress did some things before it got cut up for this!








I wish my camera captured this image better…because it’s really pretty at night, all lit up with white lights!


In other craftiness today–I made a new “What’s for dinner?” board. I have to plan our meals for each week so we can grocery shop, otherwise we spend boatloads of money and buy complete crap on a daily basis. So here she is. The new, improved menu board! the tags all have different meals we like that are healthy and fit with our “no wheat” new diet. And I have extras to add new stuff that I find that we like the rest of this month, as I experiment a bit!


Picasso approved.

Speaking of experimenting, tonight we tried a new recipe–chicken fajita salad–a mix between chicken salad and fajitas.  It was good, although the recipe (linked here) calls for a LOT of onion–I only used 1, and that was a bit much for my taste, and I REALLY love onion.  This seems like something that would be great on a wrap, and I’d intended to experiment making wraps out of flaxseed, but we got home from our trail run at almost 9, so I just wanted to make dinner fast.  Next time, we try a wheat-free wrap of some sort, too.  Not bad, though, for a quick, last-minute, post-run dinner.  Hooray for a very productive day! Tomorrow, I hem up that sexy dress!


Today’s meals and an observation

5 Aug

I guess I should start with my observation.  Today, as I was again lamenting the incredible pain in the ass that my vandalized/thieved car has become (we have most decidedly NOT been in good hands), I realized something.  Life is really not that bad.  I may have been blowing things way out of proportion.  Did we not get to finish our scheduled runs because we had to deal with cops/insurance? Yup.  Is this a huge headache? Yup.  Is it totally unfair and unwarranted?  Yup.  Am I sad that I’m missing my favorite long-sleeved tech shirt, amazing sexy librarian glasses, and a library book I was part-way through?  Yup. 

But no one got hurt.  Nothing irreplaceable was taken from me (sadly, the same is not true for the other woman whose car was broken in to).  My car will be fixed (even if it’s not as quickly as I would like or I think is reasonable).  We are both alive, healthy (relatively), we have a great house, we have cars, we have a wonderful dog, amazing friends and family, we eat well every day…life is good.  Really good. 


I’ve been meaning to start a gratitude journal for a long time now.  When we first started dating, Eric and I would do “high point/low point” every night before bed–just to check in with each other.  So I am starting a gratitude journal–write the best part of the day down in as little or as many words as I feel like.  I think it would be cool to look back in a few months or even a few years to see what was good at a certain time in life.  Even when things seem bad, there is always something to be grateful for…


And now on to my meals for the day.  If you didn’t see my post from yesterday, I’m going to be recording what I eat each day in kind of a “food journal” type blog to stay accountable to this reduced carb diet.  I am a big carb eater, so I have to do something…


I forgot to take some pics today.  But here’s what I ate:

breakfast: protein smoothie–handful of spinach, handful of berries, cup of OJ, scoop of vanilla protein powder.

mid-morning snack–fresh peach (OMG i love peaches. i think they’re my second favorite fruit)

lunch–baby spinach with some shredded cheddar cheese, croutons and ceasar dressing

mid-afternoon snack–sour cream and onion potato chips (technically they’re gluten free and i had to get rid of them somehow and throwing out such deliciousness didn’t even cross my mind…now those green beans in the fridge…)

dinner–grilled speedie chicken (speedie sauce is a marinade you can buy at Wegmans and it’s pretty delicious) and fresh garden veggies–zucchini, yellow squash and patty pan squash–sauteed with olive oil, salt and pepper

dessert–apparently we are going to get ice cream!  wheat belly says to limit dairy, but it doesn’t have to be completely eliminated. 

So that’s today. 

wheat belly

5 Aug

Eric and I have experimented a lot in the past couple of years…


with our diet!  (hahaha I really had you going there.)


Eric has colitis.  I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  Eric’s written plenty about how his diet affects his disease.  When he eats things he shouldn’t, he flares, badly.  It’s not fun for either of us.  I have not really written as much about my PCOS and diet issues.  PCOS is linked with insulin resistance–no one’s really sure which causes which.  I used to think that it had to be PCOS causing IR because we eat a pretty healthy diet (especially more recently), but I have recently began to wonder if maybe it’s IR causing PCOS.  Growing up, my diet consisted largely of pasta and bread–white, processed pasta and bread.  I love it to this day, even though I know now how bad it is for me.  I wonder if maybe 20-some years of eating unhealthily has just created health problems that will take longer than a few months to cure through diet….

classic spaghetti carbonara

classic spaghetti carbonara (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Anyway, I’ve written before about how I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19, but never diagnosed with IR until a couple of years ago, despite many questions to my doctors about how I could gain weight when training for half marathons and eating “healthy.”  When I was finally diagnosed with IR, I was put on Metformin, a diabetes drug, immediately losing 10 pounds.  However, no one ever spoke to me about the ways my eating habits should change.  I think the assumption was that the Met would just treat/compensate for any of the bad carbs I ate.  This is a huge flaw in this country’s health care system–that we focus on medicating, rather than on correcting the problem at the source.


Anyway, we have tried many diets in our experimentation in the past couple of years for a couple of months at a time (in no particular order):

  • South Beach/carb free (I wanted to kill someone for most of the 2 weeks we were on this strictly.  No carbs at all–not even fruit–seems dumb to me. Also, I felt like my running REALLY suffered–I had a break-down in the middle of Webster Park in the middle of a race, in fact, because I thought I was going to die in the woods alone. We continued this diet with phases 2/3, which allow some carbs like fruits and I was much better.)
  • vegetarian (It was OK, although I really wanted a hamburger every now and again AND i’m not much of a bean fan, so getting protein was tough.  Tofu is ok, tempeh is IMO gross.)
  • gluten-free (Surprisingly easy, but we have Wegmans, which is full of gluten-free options.  HOWEVER, gluten-free does not mean healthy–that bag of potato chips is ok based on gluten-free requirement, but we all know that’s not good-for-you nourishment.)
  • paleo (We kind of did this.  I find it hard because most recipes call for nuts, and I am allergic to tree nuts.  I dislike because of that.  Also, I dislike the emphasis on meat–not much of a meat-eater.)
  • healthy, balanced meals (I find this is too easy for us to get off track–a little cheat here, a little extra there, and we are where we currently are.)


While none of them have been perfect, I think we have found the most success with cutting out processed foods and white carbs.  Duh.  No one should be eating that stuff, but both of us, with our various health concerns, should certainly not.


Grain products are often baked, and are rich s...

Grain products are often baked, and are rich sources of complex and simple carbohydrates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



































When we went to the library the other day, Eric grabbed a book called “Wheat Belly.”  The Dr. who wrote it talks about how wheat has changed (via human-forced genetic alterations) and how many people who are not necessarily Chrohns patients will experience “wheat belly,” or a bloated, swollen tummy that results from your body trying to break down this new, bad-for-you wheat.


Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly (Photo credit: Earthworm)
















I don’t know if it’s true or not.  All I know is that there is a marked difference in my stomach when I am eating “healthy” and when I am eating carb-y, delicious foods.  For the past week, I have been eating whatever, whenever.  Last night, we had our annual pie iron party–hours worth of various pie irons, made with mostly white bread.  Today, I am bloated to the point of it being painful.  Not cool.


I hate my stomach.  I work out hard, and I was finally starting to see some results, then we got off track in our diet, and suddenly it seems like all of my hard work has disappeared.  I know that’s not true–it’s still there, just hidden under the bloat.  But I want to see them again.  If I’m not going to be able to have a fat pregnancy tummy, then I want to have a tight one instead.


Don’t get me wrong.  This dietary change is not JUST an aesthetic one.  My issues with infertility terrify me–mostly because I am worried about potential side effects of seriously messing with my hormones to get me ovulating.  Will our baby have 3 arms?  Will I end up carrying quadruplets?  Will I die of cancer 20 years from now because of it?  (I know those things are all unlikely, although I did read an article the other day about how autism may be linked to Clomid–the drug they use to induce ovulation.)  I would much rather find the root of the problem and fix that.  So we will clean up our diet for a bit, see how that helps (or doesn’t).  I will soon enough go on some crazy hormone drugs that hopefully produce healthy, normal children.   All I know is I want to have a strong, healthy body to grow some beautiful babies for Eric and I, and then be able to protect them (this weekend’s car break-in and a story I read about a mom whose son was slapped by a stranger for wearing a headband has also led me to think a lot about how I want to be strong enough to protect our kids from the trash of the world).


SO we are cleaning it up.  This is a good time to experiment with new recipes so that when I go back to work, we have some good new ideas to keep things fresh in the kitchen. 😉  And to hold myself accountable, I am going to post every day with a “what I ate.”  This is more for myself–if I know that it’s getting put out there where other people may see it, I will be more likely to stick with it and not give in to temptation.  In addition, I am taking it easy with the rules this time around (when we did South Beach, we were a little crazy, and it was unsustainable, IMO).  There are certain things that are not necessarily OK on the plan OR that are supposed to be used “sparingly.”  I figure if I can stick with it for a week or so, then I can start to look at things like ketchup and decide if I need to make my own–however many of the recipes I’ve found thus far don’t really have anything I’d want to eat ketchup with anyway.  Also, on wheat belly, you should not eat many potatoes, fruits or corn…I am ok with eating these once in a while, as I feel they are healthy and natural.  As we go, if I think it might change something, maybe we’ll eliminate them, but most likely, those things will stay.


Vegetable tray

Vegetable tray (Photo credit: Sakurako Kitsa)











So yeah.  That’s the plan for the week.  Healthy eats, blog recaps of my day, and recipe links so if you want to try a recipe, too, you can.  🙂  Hooray.