22 Jun

So today I was running the 0 SPF half marathon preview run.  When my alarm went off this morning, I reset the alarm for the last possible moment.  It went off the second time, and I seriously thought about skipping the run.  But I felt like I had to go, so I got up and got ready.


As soon as we started running, I could tell I was not going to be moving well.  Around mile 1, I almost wiped out, twisting my ankle in the process.  Carry on. 


I slowed down.  I decided to hang back with one other runner.  We were running separately for much of the run (I was just ahead of him), but it was comforting to know he was there.  We walked most of the uphills, cruised through the downs and flatter sections, and I finally had a chance to really take in and enjoy the course.


And I realized this morning, as I was cruising through, 2 very important things regarding running/trails/me.


1.  For me, trail running is more about the sensory experiences.  The sights–all of the different greens, the beautiful creeks, flowers.  The smells–there was a section leading up to woodcliff that smelled SO good–full of flowers or something.  The touch–feeling a pine tree branch scrape across my arm, my feet slip in the mud.  The sounds–birds, animals rustling in the bushes, my breathing and footsteps.  I feel like so often I am rushing and hurrying to get through a trail run, and I don’t stop to smell the proverbial roses.  And I am missing out.  I don’t want to miss out anymore.  I’ve run some parks/routes several times now, but I don’t feel like I know them because I’m always hurrying too much to pay attention to where we are and where we’re going.  So this summer, I really want to go out to some parks and just investigate and learn.


2.  I think I’m at a point in my trail running where I was with my road running back in the day.  I felt like I couldn’t ever get faster, like I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep doing it, like I wanted to just be on my own mostly to suffer through it and figure it out for myself before I could share it with others.  I got faster on the roads (much), I mostly like it and I almost always run with someone nowadays.  So I think maybe I need to embrace that trail running is something I am still learning and still working on becoming better at.  Not that I am perfect or a pro at road running.  But I definitely am more proficient than on the trails…


So yeah.  That’s what I was musing over when I was running today.


My knee is on fire tonight.  I’m icing and just popped some ibuprofin.  Here’s hoping it’s better this week!


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