6 Jun

“Patience is a virtue.”  It was a phrase I heard frequently as a kid.  My mom used to say it all the time–whenever she was frustrated with something or someone.  I don’t think I really understood it for a long time. 


But now that I’m older, I get it.  And I really get it because I am impatient.  I hate waiting for things.  Lines annoy me.  Being put on hold annoys me.  Waiting for results annoys me.  Waiting rooms annoy me.  Dealing with other peoples’ BS annoys me.  I don’t know how I have so much patience with students, because pretty much every other facet of my life, I have little patience.


A week and a half ago, I decided I was going to do P90X workouts.  I say I’m going to commit to strength training, I do for a couple of weeks at best, then I give it up.  I say it’s because of a lack of time, but in reality it’s because I don’t particularly enjoy it.  I would rather do other things (like sit around and watch TV).  And I don’t want to bulk up.  I tend to be very muscular, and I build muscle quickly.  So I have traditionally avoided strength training.  However, I know it keeps me healthier as a runner.  It makes me faster as a runner (I don’t really understand how it’s possible, but it does).  I know muscle burns more calories.  And I know lifting more reps builds lean muscle. 


So a week and a half ago, I planned it all out, wrote it all down for the next 2 months, leading up to a hopefully huge 5k PR.  I scheduled my runs AND my strength workouts.  If it’s written down, I thought, I will do it.  So I have one leg/back workout and one arm/shoulder workout a week, plus 2 days of Ab Ripper X (serious ab workout), plus 3-4 days of running (1-2 easy runs, 1 speedwork day and 1 long run for a total of 25-30 miles a week).  And occassionally a “Core Synergistics” workout in there, too (basically a full body strength workout).


But after a week and a half, I want to see results.  And I don’t right now.  And that’s annoying and makes me impatient.  I KNOW it takes a long time to see results.  And I KNOW thateven if I don’t see them, I am still reaping the benefits of these workouts in other ways.  But I want results.  And I am impatient.  *sigh*


So my goal is now to stick with this plan for the whole 2 months.  Then I can evaluate how well it worked.  Last night, while running through Tryon (a pretty tough park elevation-wise), I was complaining about how my legs hurt so badly and Eric reminded me that I was working for a 5K PR…and a J-Lo booty.  So those are my motivators right now–PR and great ass. 


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