Leanna Banana

27 May

When I found out my mom was pregnant with Leanne, I was excited.  I had just learned to knit, and I ended up knitting her a new born dress and headband.  In her baby picture from the hospital, she has the headband on.  She was in the NICU for days after being born, and I remember being so sad that I couldn’t hold her right away and that she couldn’t come home to be with our family.  I remember worrying incessantly about  her. 


She came home.  She was perfect.  I still remember holding her in the rocking chair, rubbing her downy hair until she fell asleep, thinking there was nothing more perfect in the world than holding a sleeping, newborn infant. 


My mom and dad asked me to be her godmother.  Oma is also her godmom.  My favorites. 


She asked Eric if she could ride along with him today.  To be part of my “crew.”  She rode her bike for the whole race–I have no idea what the farthest she’s ever rode is, but I’m guessing today surpassed that by a lot.  Eric estimates that they rode at least 27 miles. 


While Eric was my boisterous (surprise surprise) cheerleader, Leanne was more subdued.  She’s always been pretty quiet.  When she was little, if she didn’t want to talk, she’d literally just stare at you and blink, like she could somehow blink you away.  She is a woman of very few words.  So I wasn’t surprised that she was quiet, riding next to me and giving me encouragement that only I was aware of.  She was the quiet, calm influence to offset Eric’s rowdiness.  And it was perfect.


When we got back to the car today, I said, “How are your legs feeling?” “Fine.  My butt hurts though,” she said with a smile.  I laughed.  She was laying on a lounge chair today in the bright sunshine, taking a catnap.  She deserved it for sure.  I’m sure there were points today where she wished she hadn’t volunteered to ride all around Buffalo today, collecting my throw-away clothes, refilling waterbottles for me, and supporting me.  But she did it.  Because she’s awesome.  And I’ll bet that someday in the future, she’s going to be running a half or a full.  And you can bet that I’ll be there for her!


I’m so proud of her for the beautiful, caring and smart young woman she has become.  That girl is gonna go places for sure!


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