One week to go…

19 May

I am officially one week from the Buffalo Marathon. I don’t remember being this nervous last time around. I suppose part of that may be that last time, I had no real expectations. I knew about what time I’d like to run. But my real goal was just to finish the race, and there was never a point where I thought I might not finish. I was not dropping out, I just wasn’t sure how long I’d need to get to the finish line.

This time around, it’s a different story. I have a much better idea of what to expect. I have a better idea of what my body is capable of. I understand (at least a little bit) what I will be thinking/feeling during this race. Or, as the case may be, what I won’t be thinking/feeling, since most of the last 6 miles of Corning are still a blur to me.

Last time, I don’t remember being nervous or disliking taper week this much. I had read about how people say they feel like they’re going crazy, not doing enough, being lazy. I don’t remember feeling like that, though. I remember being really content to be “lazy” and run fewer miles and relax. This time, while there is an element of the contentedness, I am nervous, too. My quad/knee/hip have been giving me a lot of problems in the past month or so. I have been rolling, tennis ball cross-hatching (that’s not what it’s called–I forget the name for it) and taking it easy. But there’s still a nagging soreness. Maybe I’m just more aware of it because the race is so close now. Or maybe there’s something really wrong with my leg (it’s the same one I hurt a few years back training for my first half). Or maybe I’m just overthinking everything.

So this week, I have a few easy runs planned. I have some yummy foods ready to go (and about to go in and cook and prep some more). I bought a new shirt to race in, and it’s adorable and sexy and makes me feel great (although I think it looks weird with my water belt…but whatever…I’m not going to look cute on Sunday for very long anyway haha). I have already begun the pointless ritual of obsessively checking, sometimes multiple times a day to see what the weather is going to be like for race day (even though they don’t get it right for tomorrow, so there’s really no telling what 7 days from today will be like). I still have to write my “inspiration” quotes (I did this at Corning and liked it–different quotes to pull out when I was struggling and think about those instead of how bad my legs hurt or how much I just wanted to stop).

In any event, they recommend that you set various goals for yourself. I wasn’t going to make them public, but then I decided why not. You may as well know about them, too. I read somewhere once that you should set 3 goals for yourself. Goal A is the one that you are sure you are going to meet if you just do your thing. Goal B would be if you had a really great race. Goal C is if all the stars line up perfectly and you feel amazing. So without further ado, here are my goals.

Goal A: Run faster than my first marathon, which was a 4:35:38. Barring injury, there is no reason that I can’t run faster than this.

Goal B: Run faster than a 4:15. I am relatively certain that I will do this, but who knows what weather and my quad/knee/hip are going to do on race day…

Goal C: If I run faster than a 4:10, I will seriously be ecstatic. I am also kind of sure this would be possible, but not positive. I have a horrible habit of going out way too fast and then dying in the last chunk of the race. My recent half marathon debacle is proof of this for sure. That being said, this time I think I may go with the 4:10 pace group, just to keep myself even keeled and see how I feel towards the back end of the race. If I can, I’d like to try to drop my pace and kick it in. We’ll see.

So that’s that. Taper week continues. đŸ™‚


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