13 May

Cut back weeks and tapering are the best parts of marathon training (except for post-marathon glow haha).  Every couple of weeks, you get a week of easy running and a shorter long run (so 15ish miles instead of 20), and that’s supposed to allow your legs a chance to recuperate for the next weeks of heavy running.  Two weeks before the marathon, you taper–shorter and shorter and easier and easier runs, to really let your body heal up before the stress of 26.2.


The past few weeks, I’ve had some “cut backs” in terms of my weekly runs, but my long runs have been…well long/hard.  I did 16, 18, 20, half marathon race, 20–all back to back.   And now I am paying for it in the form of hip/knee problems. 


Even though I want to run hard still during the week, I also know that I am not gaining much (if anything) from these workouts at this point.  The hay is in the barn (I learned that idiom because of running ha).  What’s done is done, and now I just relax, let my body heal itself, and prepare for the race.  But it’s really hard to go off the plan and trust that I’m ready for this.  Really hard.


This weekend, I run 8-10 miles.  That’s so short.  During the week, this week and next, I run some easier, shorter runs.  I eat mostly healthy.  I foam roll and tennis ball, especially my left quad, which I’m pretty sure is the reason that I’ve been having knee/hip issues.   And I wait.  I get my motivational quotes together (this helped a little bit between 16 and 20 last time around–after that everything’s kind of a blur).  I decide what to wear.   I visualize myself kicking ass. 


After the race, we will swim in Eric’s parents’ pool (it’ll be cold, which will feel great for my legs–help reduce the swelling a bit).  We will eat Nino’s and drink beer (I had thought I’d really want to drink wine after Wineglass, but I ended up not drinking any alcohol for a few days, so we’ll see if the beer thing actually comes to pass).   I will foam roll so that I am hopefully much less sore this time around (last time I was in so much pain the second day after that I wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and die). 


In exactly 2 weeks, I will have finished marathon #2.  Hooray!!


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