for real???

17 Apr

Here’s the run down of my workouts thus far this week:

1.  Monday–Fit 1 is seriously the hardest thing ever.  Gustavo is amazing and encouraging and I find myself once in a while forgetting that I’m in a class and out in the open where people can actually see me exercising.  [Side note: I wouldn’t run outside in the middle of the day for a long time because I didn’t want people to see me.  The first time I ran on a “major” road, I was on Ridge Road by the mall.  It was a momentous run for me because I was on a road where people could *gasp* see me and what I was doing.  I went to some Fit1 classes over the winter, and they were at night, and it was great because it was dark and I felt like no one could see me.  There were some dicey parts of class when YNN news showed up with cameras to interview runners about Boston.  I hid and tried really hard to avoid the camera.]

2.  Tuesday–I woke up feeling the Fit1 workout from yesterday (and shoveling a gigantic pile of mulch for a couple of hours before class probably didn’t help matters much).  We went to Tuesday Trail Trots at Powder Mills Park and ran 4.5 miles nice and slow.  It was really fun, the trails were perfecto (well…a little bit muddy in a couple sections, but overall it was awesome).  But my legs were SUPER sore before, and now they were even more sore.  I foam rolled and went to bed.  I had a MISERABLE night–I could not sleep–I was up, then I’d drift off, then I’d wake up with a dream, because I was too hot, because Picasso was making me uncomfortable, because something tickled my shoulder and I thought it was a spider.  It was a rough go, and I was exhausted when my alarm went off this morning.


So I got up and decided, given my very sore quads and my very tired body, that I would switch up my training plan a bit.  I was slated to run a tempo run today (5 miles at 8:50 w/ 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down) and a long-ish easy run tomorrow (6-8 miles).  I was planning to flip flop them and just do an easy, long-ish run today.  But as the day went on, the weather looked so good.  I wavered in my decision.


I came home from work, changed into some running clothes, and decided to scrap both runs and try some Yasso 800’s.  The premise of Yasso’s is pretty simple:  If you want to run a 4:00 marathon, you are capable if you can run 10  800 repeats (that’s a half mile) in your time goal (in that case, 4 minutes for a half mile).  Your recovery time should be the same amount of time you ran your 800 in (so 4 minutes) and you can pretty much do them however you want, as long as you’re moving (so you can walk or jog).  I figured I’d give it a go and see what happened and if it wasn’t looking promising, I would just go to the long-ish easy run plan instead.


Well…I ran 8 800’s.  I took less recovery time than I should’ve a couple of times.  It was strangely windy (I noticed wind chimes in my warm up mile and immediately thought to myself, “fml. gotta try to get the 800’s with the wind at my back”).   In any event, I ran my 800s in 3:42-3:53 pace.  Even the ones that were into the wind or up a hill.  Boo ya.  Now I know a lot of people say that Yassos don’t truly predict race performance, that they’re off by 5-10 minutes.  Even if they’re off by that much, that means I will run close to a 4 hour marathon!!!  I will do at least 1 more Yasso workout–even if it doesn’t predict exactly, it’s a huge confidence booster for me.  So yay.  Things are looking up in this training plan.


In addition, my overall pace for all 8 miles that I ran was 8:45.  So my tempo run of 5 miles at 8:50 pace happened inadvertently!  Hooray!!!


The marathon is so much a  mental game.  Eric tells me all the time that I’m a head case, that I am capable of more than I do, that I need to trust the training and be willing to put myself in pain/discomfort because it will pass and I will be fine.  Today’s workout really showed that.  I am ready for a 20 miler this weekend–slow and steady.  I don’t think I NEED a 20–I’ve been reading a lot about how in other countries, where they use the metric system, most athletes top out at 18.6 miles.  I’ve done 18 milers a few times now.  But I guess a 20 will just be an extra boost in confidence.  Game on.


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