Project 333 Update

17 Mar

Way back in January, I wrote a post about Project 333.  I was pretty excited about it, but then I got really busy with the whole “getting a new job” business, and the fashion project went by the wayside.  Until now…


Today, my four younger sisters and I took a ride to Kohls.  It’s time now for a few confessions:


1.  I love the idea of minimalism, but hate the idea of a minimalist wardrobe–UNLESS we mean that I have a small wardrobe that I get to completely change frequently (like every couple of months).  I don’t know why–I really wear mostly the same clothes over and over again.  But I like buying new clothes, and I especially like buying new stuff since I’ve lost some weight.  I needed some new stuff (because I’m too skinny for the old stuff).  The problem is that I get sucked into trends and not necessarily “classic” pieces that can be mixed and matched (see #2).

2.  I have an obsession with colored skinnies.  When I first saw them, I swore I wouldn’t wear them.  Girls with big hips and thighs and legs do not wear skinnies, do they?  But the beautiful colors lured me in.  I bought some dark denim skinnies, then some red skinnies, and it’s been a downhill spiral since then…


So…we went to Kohls because my sister, Val, works there.  She had mentioned that they had both the emerald green and cobalt blue skinnies (that I’ve been drooling over for a long time) on sale for $5.  Are you kidding me??? $5 for a pair of pants???  We went.  I bought a pair of cobalt blue pants (Val’s going to check her store for me to see about the green ones) and a pair of light purple ones.  They’re cool because I can roll them up, too, to make them capris when the weather gets nicer.  This is how I’m justifying it.


Anyway, I came home and when the girls left, I decided to get serious about this Project 333 business.  Reminder of the rules:


1.  30 items for the next month.  Everything else is off limits.  I can’t leave the house if I’m not wearing one of the things from my list of 30 items.

2.  I will not be counting jewelry in my 33 items.  Some people do, but I’m not.  I’m also not counting shoes/scarves/belts.  Some people do, but I’m trying to make this easy on myself for the first go ’round.  Maybe next time I’ll try to pare the list down even more.  We’ll see…

3.  I will not count underwear/hosiery in my 30 items (that would be gross).  I will also not count pajamas.

4.  I will not count workout clothes in my 30 items.  However, I cannot wear workout clothes as regular clothes.


I picked out my clothes, and I’m going to start tomorrow.  30 days of the 30 items in the pictures.  [Side note:  I couldn’t come up with 30 things!  Shockingly, I wasn’t sure what last 3 items I wanted to add, so I decided to wait.  I would really like to get a new white cardigan, which would be one of the items, and then I figure I may want to add a skirt/dress to the mix, but I’m not sure yet that I can wear those to work or not, so I’m going to hold off on those for now.]  In any event, here are my items!

7 bottoms to choose from...

I really hope I can wear skirts to work, but I’m not sure.  Going into jail, I’m guessing that’s going to be a no-go.  And working with a kindergartener and 1st grader, I’m not sure that’s practical anyway.  On the other hand, I may also want to throw a skirt/dress in there for a fun date night/weekend outfit.  We’ll see…

cardigans were my previous obsession

Love me a cardigan–belted, belt underneath, buttoned up, open. 4 of these bad boys to mix in.

3/4 length and long sleeved shirts

Sadly, the nice spring-y weather we had 2 weeks ago has gone away.  So I guess I need to have 6 longer sleeves…

short sleeved shirts

Yay spring! 8 short sleeved shirts!

couple more shirts

I like button downs (and the green one’s a wrap around), but they typically don’t fit my chest.  These two are perfecto, though.


So that’s 27 items.  I can add 3 more in during the course of the month.  As I go through, I’ll try to remember to take pictures of my outfits.  It would be cool to be able to mix and match and never wear the same outfit more than once, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make that work.  We’ll see, I guess.  Either way, this will be a fun little challenge for the next month!


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