a solid run and possibly TMI (but i want to complain haha)

16 Mar

Today I ran 16 miles. Liz came with us for the first 9.  Kevin dropped her off, took Barley for a walk, then met us at Charlotte Beach, where we picked up Barley, who ran with us.  After mile 9, it was just me and my sherpa.  This is probably for the best, because this is where I always start getting cranky, and I prefer for people not to see me like this.  Although today I really wasn’t cranky at all.  Hooray!


This is the TMI part–skip it if you want.  Or read on for my dilemma. Around the time we got to Long Pond, turning away from the lake, I started to notice some chaffe-age going on.  The elastic on the legs of my underwear were bothering me.  I stopped at one point in the woods to try to readjust, but by that point, the damage was done and there was no amount of readjusting that was going to help me.  I considered stopping at Wegmans to take off my underwear and throw them away, but decided that’s a little too skanky (or something–after 11 miles, I was not thinking very logically I guess).  Strangely, after I’d decided to fore go Wegmans, I stopped noticing the chaffing.  Tonight, there is no forgetting about it-there is actually a section of my leg where I have what appears to be a blister, not just chaffing.  So note to self–look into either runderwear OR some compression shorts to wear underneath my tights/pants.  Because I don’t want to ever deal with this chaffing again.


Anyway, minus my little chaffing problem, I felt amazing–like I could’ve kept going.  I actually considered it–for the last 4 miles or so, I kept going back and forth on doing 2 extra miles to make it 18 (for some reason, I really struggle to run uneven distances.  It REALLY bothers me not to see even numbers in my training log.  Pretty sure this makes me OCD or something.)  I decided, though, to call it a day at 16–my knee was a little twinge-y and Eric’s stomach wasn’t doing great things, so he was going home.  So I did, too.  I think it was a good call.  An ice bath, some foam rolling and stretching, and my legs are feeling pretty good.  A little sore (I can tell I ran for sure), but nothing major.  Last weekend, after the run around the bay (which was only 14 miles, but VERY hilly), I felt much worse.


So tonight, I’m looking at my plan and looking back on my training log from before Corning.  PC (pre-Corning), I ran only 6 “long” runs (for the purposes of my marathon training, I consider “long” runs to be 15 or more miles).  I ran 3 16’s, an 18 and 2 20’s (although one of those was mostly walking for the final 4-5 miles, I think…we’d run out of water and it was like 85 and humid, so not much running went down).  My runs were in the 10:30ish range.  Never under 10:15.


I have already run a 15 and 16.  If things go according to plan, I will run 2 more 15’s, 2 18’s, 2 20’s, and race a half marathon (which I am going to count as a long run, because I’m going to go balls to the wall).  That means a total of 9 “long runs.”  My times for all of my long runs thus far have been sub 10 minute miles–including the ones we did on cold, ice-y, windy days.  And EVERY place I’ve run has been far hillier than Buffalo will be.  I probably should include the 14 miler around Irondequoit Bay in my “long” runs because of the intense hills we ran–no doubt I’d have easily handled 16+ less hilly miles last weekend.  PLUS I’ve been running Sundays after intense “long” runs on Saturday–and I’m planning to continue that for at least some of these long run weekends.  Nothing fast Sundays, but just some easy, 40-60 minute runs to shake things out and get the blood flowing to flush out the lactic acid.  Running on tired legs on Sundays will make me stronger for those last 6 miles of the race (I hope).


So the long and short is that I am running solidly right now.  I’m feeling good.  I’m going to have more time now after school to get in runs AND cross training AND some strength training.  All of this, plus some extra “long” runs, should put me in a great place for my half AND more importantly for Buffalo.  I have been wavering with whether I wanted to run the marathon, whether I could realistically train for it or if I needed to just drop to the half.  But tonight I feel a renewed sense of confidence.  I was sitting in my ice bath, shivering uncontrollably, when it hit me.  I had to run less than 10 more miles from what I ran today to finish a marathon.  The marathon is completely a mental game–and I feel like today I turned a corner in my mental game–thinking to myself (unprompted) that it was “only” 10ish more miles is a great sign.  There is NO doubt in my mind right now that I could finish a marathon if I wanted to.  So at this point, my runs are just helping me to finish stronger and faster.  Game on.


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