23 Feb

I guess my life is a series of plans and revisions.  I am a planner for sure.  I like to know what I’m doing, when, how, etc.  Not having plans makes me nervous.


One of the things I love most about long distance races is the plan.  For a 5k, you don’t need much of a plan.  Some sprint/farlek workouts and some long-ish runs of 5-8 miles and you’re good to go.  For halves and fulls, the plan becomes really important.  I suppose this is all relative.  For people who have run multiple marathons, maybe a plan is unnecessary–some faster runs in the week and working your way up to some 20 milers before your race.  But for a newbie like me, I need a plan.


The problem can be that when I fall off the plan, I freak out.  I wonder if I should just throw in the towel.  That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling recently.  I’ve been getting in long runs, but the week-day stuff has been spotty at best.  The speedwork that I should be doing is just not getting done.  Which is no big deal if all I want is to finish the race (which really is ultimately what I want).  But if I want to set a PR and/or run a fast race, then I need to put in the speedwork.  I can make excuses for what it’s not getting done–the weather is the big one that comes to mind as running fast on snow/ice is tough.  But at the end of the day, 26.2 miles doesn’t care WHY you didn’t do the work, it just cares that you didn’t.


So tonight I revised my original plan.  This is seriously like the 5th plan I’ve been using.  I would normally be nervous about this, but I was just looking at my training log leading up to the Corning Marathon.  I ran 6 really long runs leading up to it–3 16-milers, 1 18-miler and 2 20-milers (but one of those was mostly walking bc we ran out of water and had to stop).  I did a couple of moderately long runs (10-14 miles) but really hardly any.  Looking back at my log, I’m not sure how I didn’t get hurt ramping from 12 to 16 miles with little in between.  If I follow this plan, I will run at least 9 really long runs–3 16-milers, 3 18-milers and 3 20-milers.  So if I do those AND the speedwork (which should get easier as the weather gets better), then there should be no problem doing what I want in Buffalo in May.


I’m so sick of training already.  But I think of how great it will feel to finish another marathon, to put a 26.2 sticker on my bumper, to know that I have followed through on something, that I have forced my mind to stop telling me I can’t do something.  And then I am excited for this.  If training and running a marathon were easy, everyone would do it.  Nothing worth having comes easily.  So I’m going to work hard for the next 3 months.  Then take the summer to just relax, run for fun, and enjoy knowing how far I’ve come.


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