1 Feb

A week ago, I talked to one of my aunts.  She is one of my favorite aunts–just an all around cool, loving person.  She is one of the crunchiest people I know.  I say that with utmost respect–she’s a massage therapist, believes in alternative medicine, does some healing stuff, believes in the universe teaching us things, etc.  I love her to death.  Sometimes her viewpoints seem a little weird, but mostly I just love the alternative way of looking at things.  I love her advice.  And I love her outlook on life.  It is so positive and uplifting.  She has a real “devil-may-care” attitude–she does what she wants and lives how she wants, and she never seems to care what others think or what she “should” be doing.


So I talked to her last week about this trip she’s planning.  She saw a movie about “el camino”–the walk.  It’s a story about a guy who was planning to walk from one place to another in Spain, but he died, so his dad took the walk instead.  It’s like a 500 mile walk or something.  So basically, my aunt wants to do this walk as a spiritual journey.  She’s unhappy with her job, feels like she needs to go somewhere else.  She’s packing her stuff, putting it into storage, booked plane tickets and is going to Spain.  She’ll be there for 2 months.  She’s been learning Spanish and trying to figure out where to go/stay/etc.  When she’s done, she doesn’t know what she’ll do.  Move somewhere else.  Start over.


I would be terrified.   When she tells me about these plans, I feel my anxiety rising with all of the unknowns.  But this is a totally Aunt Anita thing to do.


And I am so jealous.


So I’ve made a decision.  I need to start living with a little bit more abandon.  I’m not saying I need to be reckless.  Part of my charm is my type-A, always-planned-out, always-thought-out, head-over-heart nature.  At least I like to think so.  My neurosis are a joke to people who know me well.  But I’m saying that maybe things don’t always need to have a well-thought-out plan.  Maybe sometimes I should be ok with some deviation to the way I picture things in my head.


“Don’t plan it all out.  Let life surprise you once in a while.”  I saved that quote a long time ago.  I don’t know why–it goes against every instinct I have to play what if, exhaust all the possibilities and make a plan for each one.  Maybe I saved it because my soul knew that my heart and head were going to need to hear it, need to respect it.  (that’s a crunchy thing to say, huh?)


Eric recently wrote a post about adventures.  We do a lot of “adventurous” type things.  But they are always planned out.  If I’m a planner, Eric is even more so.  But I’m sick of always planning.  I’m sick of worrying about things before they even happen.  I want to start living in the present–and worrying about the future when it comes.  Don’t worry–I’m not going to abandon all control freak tendencies.  I’m just going to start being a little more liberal with what I do and how I live.  Plans are nice, but sometimes not planning can be even more fun.  Or so I’m told.  I’ll let you know if I believe that later.


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