project 333

10 Jan

So I’ve been reading, in my minimalism research, about this cool thing called project 333.  There are various other off-shoots of it, but the idea is the same.  You pick a set number of clothes (in many cases 33), then wear ONLY those things for 3 months (hence the number 333).  Different people allow different things to go “uncounted”–namely accessories, workout clothes, pajamas and underwear.

love some of the different ways she mixes pieces


I have been looking at these things for quite a while now.  As with most of my schemes, it takes quite some time for me to actually make a decision and move forward.  (Side note: I am kind of a bad decision-maker.)  But I think I’m ready to give this a try.  When I first saw this idea, all I could think was “only 33 items????”  But then I really started to think about what things I wear most often, and I realized that I really only wear a few things, and I love  even fewer things.  This project may be a good way for me to weed out the things I dislike and update with classic pieces that will work in different seasons and that I will really love.  I’ve been trying this year to update with more “grown up” clothes.  I’ve been trying to avoid buying things just because they’re on sale, or just because I “kind of” like it.  I’ve been trying to eliminate things that no longer fit me since I’ve lost weight “just in case” I gain it back. The weight loss thing is kind of a big one right now.  My mother gave me some of her old pants the other day.  They were size 5s.  I said, “there’s no way these will fit me.”  She insisted I try them.  And lo and behold.  They fit (snugly–motivation for me to lose those last 5 pounds and eat clean so my bloat-age goes away–PCOS sucks–one serving of white carbs and I get the pregnancy-bump without the pregnancy).  I have been wearing 8s and 10s from before I lost weight.  Yeah–not cool.  I’ve known they don’t fit great, but I hate pants shopping–short, stubby legs make for bad pants-shopping experiences.  In any event, I am saying no to poorly fitting clothes that I don’t love.  I’ve purged a lot of clothing already, but I’m ready to clean out even more.


So this weekend, I am going to pick my 33 items.  Here are my rules:

1.  33 items only.  Everything else is off limits.  I will do the first challenge for 30 days.  3 months seems like a long time to me, and I’m all about setting smaller goals that are easily attainable.  A month seems long to me anyway.  So we’ll see how it goes and then I can always extend it.

2.  I will not be counting jewelry in my 33 items.  Some people do, but I’m not.  I WILL be counting shoes (I only wear a couple pairs of shoes, anyway).  I am pretty sure I’m also going to count scarves and belts, but not completely decided on that. I will let you know this weekend.

3.  I will not count underwear/hosiery in my 33 items (that would be gross).  I will also not count pajamas.

4.  I will not count workout clothes in my 33 items.  However, I cannot wear workout clothes as regular clothes (although I don’t really ever do that anyway, but it’s worth mentioning).


So I think those are my rules.  If there is anything to update, I will write it later when I post what my 33 items will be.  My friends  should join me in this challenge!!!  Check out these links for more info/inspiration:

Project 333

30 for 30: Wardrobe Remix

How to Build a Remixable Wardrobe (I love this girl’s sense of fashion!)


Sooooo who’s with me????  33 items for 30 days????

her sense of style is amazing


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