and then i was sick again

7 Jan

This weekend, Eric accompanied me on my long run on Saturday morning.  I’ve been struggling through runs throughout the holidays–due to illness, weather, etc.  I wasn’t sure what to anticipate for this run.  At the outset, I was miserable.  That first mile felt awful–it was cold, I was stiff and tired, I didn’t know if I wanted to run 10 miles.  By mile 2, everything was fine.  I was hanging in at 9:30ish (sometimes faster, sometimes a little slower) pace.  Amazing!  I finished the 10 miles feeling like I could easily do another 5 miles at that pace.  This route we ran was much hillier than the marathon course.  I’m feeling more optimistic about my running…


Then, just like that, I am sick again.  We spent the weekend in the hospital with Eric’s dad.  I’m pretty sure I must have picked something up there, despite my obsessive hand washing.  I am a mess right now.  No fun.  My nose hurts from wiping it so much.  We didn’t have any dayquil left (that’s how I got through the day today ha), so I took a nyquil.  I’m about to pass out now.  And I don’t have a functioning inhaler, so I can’t go for my scheduled run.  Lame.  Alas.  Hopefully tomorrow I get back on the wagon (if I’m feeling better and get my inhaler script refilled).


So yay for a good run and boo for sickness making me put running on hold yet again…


One Response to “and then i was sick again”

  1. Rudy January 10, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    Sorry to hear that you are sick. Regarding feeling better while exercising, I have found this to be true every time I am sick. I literally feel like a million bucks while lifting weights, and then after my heart rate goes down and I’m not lifting anymore, I feel like poo.

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