New year, new blog!

30 Dec

I have a secret confession to make.  I am a blog stalker.  Hard core.  I love reading about other people’s training, meals, crafts, and lives.  I am fascinated to see the sights from around the country and the world through my blog stalking.  I am inspired by what other people are doing, and I get great ideas for things I can do, too!  But I feel a little guilty when I don’t comment and just “stalk.”  I have a personal blog that I’ve kept up with for a while now.  Not many people know about it or have the address for it.  Writing is a great outlet for me and always has been.  I was going to just continue writing in that blog and make it public, but there are some more personal tidbits in there that I’m not sure I want out there on “them internets.”  At least not yet.  So what’s a girl to do?


Start a new blog of course!  A place to record:

–my training highs and lows (I’m running my second marathon this spring–the Buffalo Marathon!)

–my diet (I feel like we are forever experimenting with new foods and recipes…I find chopping veggies to be therapeutic and finding ways to make healthy, delicious meals is a good challenge for me)

–my adventures (how do I make running/hiking/camping my full time job???)


So here we go.  Follow along on my training, cooking and adventures!!!!  Then send me your blog so I can stalk follow you, too!


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